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The 5th Newsletter!

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The 5th Newsletter!

Post by Longstorm on Sun Dec 04, 2011 5:06 pm

Our One Year Anniversary!

No, guys, you haven't forgotten for a chick or anything - I mean this site, coming December 7th, will have been active and accepting new members for a full year!
Give yourselves a round of applause, people!
cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers
Check under your avatar that day - something may have changed! Cool Cool Cool

Site Issues

Lately I've noticed everyone who is everyone posting in Bios. And what some (not naming names) people were saying wasn't exactly what you'd call friendly.
Anyone who is caught posting in a Bio topic and they are not

A) The Bio's desired Clan's Leader
B) A Moderator (that being Ezziesong and Switchfar)
C) An admin

Will receive two warnings under their avatar.
Please keep your ill-thoughts to yourself.

New Members!

Welcome, Unforgiven! Good to have you here and RPing with us! cheers cheers cheers
sunny sunny sunny

Newest Contest!

Three little words, people!
(Contest Specifics)
They are:

Current Mudblood Attacks Updates


Daystar tricked Mudblood to get information!
Or at least thats's what he's saying he did - can we trust him at this point?


Is still ablaze, but the remaining cats of Tawnyclan (those still loyal) have safely made it across the river.
What will become of the broken Clan now?


It's a stalemate! Perhaps if Darkclan had remained for a little longer they may have won the fight, but may have lost everything that makes them warriors.
All the same - I wouldn't want to meet a bunch of Darkclanners in a dark alley, lols.


Forever ignoring the blaze beginning in their own territory, their new King doesn't seem to have a care in the world.


What is Satin planning? Something to do with the dogs he met up with many moons back?

Searclan + Coreclan

Still defeated.

Check out this map:

If you have a question, EMAIL me at:

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Click here for Newest Warrior Map!

Butterflies = To Tribes

Hawk = To Dwellers

Funny Moon = Blood Stones

Half-Moon = Moonfall
LS's Group
LS's Group

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