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CLOSED Blueblossom

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CLOSED Blueblossom

Post by Longstorm on Fri Dec 09, 2011 3:03 am

Blueblossom, a she-cat of Darkclan, was pacing around the Ice-Shell.
In the past three moons, she'd joined a rebellion, stayed behind to watch the kits, and waited. And waited. And waited. Until one day she finally ventured out when all of the kits were sleeping to only discover that the way home was buried under tons of ice, snow, and trees.
Now she was back here, watching many kits. Well... five. Four of them belonged to the beautiful calico, and a dear friend, Skyecho, the fifth belonging to
The kits were: Flightkit, named after Longflight, his father. Echokit, a she-kit, named after Skyecho herself. Leafkit, the other she-kit in the litter. And Screechkit, the youngest, the last tom.
As for the fifth kit, his name was Fallkit. Blueblossom wasn't sure who his mother was, but he was a month older than all of the other kits.
Skyecho's kits were nearing the age of five moons (OOC: Slightly accelerated age, but that's fine for kits) and needed something to do, as did Fallkit, being almost 6 moons.

So here the lovely white she-cat was, five kits lined up and standing to attention.
"Alright," she padded back and forth in front of them, "I know none of you are quite five moons - or six, so you're not apprentices yet!"
The kits looked crestfallen, an "Aawwwww!" mewed in unison.
"But!" Blueblossom interrupted their tears. "That doesn't mean I can't show you fighting moves!"
Unanimous "YAAAAAAAY!"
Blueblossom raised her tail for silence. "Right. First - the hunter's crouch!"
Unanimous "Ooooooooo!" "HUSH!" The kits fell silent, eyes agape as the she-cat neatly fell into the familiar stance.
"Tail straight out," she instructed, "and keep your paws light - Screechkit, takes your claws out of the ground. We're hunting, not hiding. Ears forward - you must all be alert! Prey, enemies, anything could be anywhere and you must stay focused!"
Leafkit, a pale she-cat who looked strikingly like her father, in all of her effort, fell flat on her face when Flightkit stumbled sideways when he attempted to bat Screechkit - while he had no center of balance.
Leafkit gave a shrill wail of dismay when she took her frozen nose out of the thin snow.
Queen-instincts kicking in, Blueblossom immediately stood and padded over to the she-kit and rubbed her cheek against Leafkit's. "There, there," she purred. "You'll be alright - just a scratch," she noted. The ice must have scraped the she-kit's nose.
Blueblossom licked Leafkit's nose and purred, "There - all better. You're brave, just like a warrior."
Leafkit turned her big, green eyes to Blueblossom's pale blue ones - then smiled.
"Oh, goodie!" The she-kit went right back into the hunter's crouch (an untidy semblance of it, anyways). "This is how a warrior does it - right?" She looked up at Blueblossom.


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