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Allegiances of the Kingdom (always looking for new rats)

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Allegiances of the Kingdom (always looking for new rats)

Post by Longstorm on Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:26 am

Firestone Court

The Firestone Court has been around for years, a mighty civilization of rats that formed after a great group was liberated from Two-Leg torture. Each of these rats either wear a Firestone around their neck, bound by twine, while others wear their stone as simple earrings.
- These rats are genetically enhanced, giving them a larger vocabulary, ability to work as a team, and wider learning capabilities.

House of Windstream

King: Dalek, large albino he-rat with red eyes

Queen: Dassa, smaller black she-rat with brown eyes

Crown Prince: Ohan, smaller albino he-rat with brown eyes

Princess: Sina, black she-rat with red eyes

Royal Court

Steward: Caffal, standard-sized fawn colored he-rat with black eyes

Master of the Order: Surva, standard size he-rat with beige fur and black eyes

Mistress of the Hunt: Kaseen, a slender slate blue she-rat with black eyes

Cup Bearer: None

Court Minstrel: Unknown

Court Magician: Iiya, a standard sized old she-rat with graying fur - her eyes are slightly blue, due to oncoming blindness, slightly insane.

Lady in Waiting: Gaira, smaller solid gray she-rat with black eyes

Man-Servant: None

Order of the Earth-Heart:


Feeron, standard-sized blue hooded he-rat with black eyes

Ganru, larger capped he-rat with black eyes


Runkii, slender, cinnamon colored she-rat with red eyes

Teerax, slender, cinnamon pearl colored she-rat with black eyes

Narfan, slender, pearl colored she-rat with brown eyes

Circle of the Icebrand

Assassins: None

Seers: None


What is a King without his subjects? Outside of the palace, the loyal subjects of Firestone roam the streets in peace, knowing that their fair king is watching over them.



The Children of the Rats

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