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6th Newsletter!

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6th Newsletter!

Post by Longstorm on Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:38 am

Hellllooooooo lovely people! LS here with the newest Newsletter!

Let's get started.

The Barren Lands

Originally it was another website. Nowadays? Not so much. In fact, the website was recently shut down. The Barren Lands was the website where Tribes and Moonclan, as well as RP-able rats and foxes existed.
"But what about Moonclan? And what are these Tribes you mention?"
Glad you asked!
Before shutting down the Barren Lands, I moved the territories of the Barren Lands to our very own Distant Lands!
Now, the Tribes currently don't have any members - I'm not sure if I can get the original members (which were few) to join up and RP some of those charries. If I can, and 8 others can commit, then the Tribes will be open to all!
As for Moonclan - it's a Main Clan! You can join!

The Story of the Tribes

Not too long after the defeat of the Clans of Legend, the Tribe of Rushing Water had a mountain lion problem. With no Clan cats to fulfill a prophecy, the Tribe turned on itself and its Stoneteller. One section broke off and fled, the original Tribe following shortly after the inevitable death of their Stoneteller.
The section of the Tribe that broke off changed some of their traditions and names for certain positions, wishing to rid themselves of what they considered to be a faulty chain of command.
In the end, though, it was just the names that changed. They formed their own Tribe, the Tribe of Burning Streams. The name came from the drowning of the rebellion's leader, Burnsky. (Differences in tradition and names can be found here: How They're Different)
As for the main Tribe, they found themselves in a long, abandoned two-leg den (this being an abandoned mine). In the tradition of naming the Tribe after it's location, the Tribe of Rushing Water became the Tribe of Raining Dust.
The Tribes are near each other, and sometimes meet up in a form of Gathering, Moonclan sometimes joining them.


A very basic story: When Abyssclan came out of the City and were seeking a territory, they thought Moonclan's hill would suit them just fine. In a skilled ambush, they killed many Moonclanners and drove the rest out. Moonclan, being a very proud Clan, refused to ask the other Clans for help and left in the cover of darkness, fleeing over the mountains until reaching the Barren Lands. They've been there ever since.
Now, the Questers are on their way to retrieve them.

YES, all Moonclan leadership positions are taken.

The Kingdom of the Rats

The Quarantine Zone was once a medical facility. They tested many of their products on rats. Think NIMH. The rats that escaped became more intelligent than your average rat and they formed a Kingdom. They are The Firestone Court.
Any person can join - there are few rats.
But FIRST: more activity everywhere else!

The Foxians

We have wolves - the Barren Lands had foxes. There are currently no members of this unlikely fox pack, but their would-be territory is close to the Barren Lands, in the far-reaching twisted forest beyond Searclan and Coreclan territory.
In Distant Lands, this is The Lonely Lands (description in progress).

In short, the new territories of the Distant Lands are:

The Barren Lands - sub-boards, The Tribes, Moonclan, The Kingdom of the Rats.
Quarantine Zone - sub-boards, Two-Leg Facility
The Lonely Lands - sub-boards, Tangled Hollow
Gray Sky Stones - sub-boards, NONE

Please be aware most of these are a work in progress, and each of these territories are a very long ways away from the Clans we know.
Most likely, the Distant Lands will be split into boards such as 'to the far East' and 'to the far West' - such like that. Cool

Site-Wide Plot

While we've hit a slight lull, rest assured, we're gonna try to complete the big plot and bring it to all of you in the form of a territories-wide battle by Christmas! In RP time, by the next Gathering!
The main group of cats called away by a strange force have split into four groups! Alas, it seems only one group will be reaching the Barren Lands, as one group is still stuck in Darkclan, another in the Frost Forests, and another on the South-east side of the Mountains of Dust, where the Dwellers live.
How will this all work out? We'll see! What a Face

Top Five Posters - All Time

1: Loki - 1651
2: Longstorm - 1132
3: NKNinja - 595
4: Garnetheart - 593
5: Ezziesong - 549

Current Competitions:

RP Post - Three Little Words! Only 7 days left! Earn 1,000 Money!

Upcoming Competitions:

The Next Lottery! Keep watching for the Lottery topic (you will be directed to it via Update), and be ready for the chance to win Money!.


Hey, howdy, hey! We're a year old! Mark your calendars for next year - December 7th!


Happy birthday Runfast! You're 17, HOLY CRAP.

New Members!

Welcome, Shimmerpelt and Gentleraven! Good to have you here and RPing with us!

Final Warning

To all members with red usernames - your time is almost up. Log in, or be deleted. Your characters will be adopted off and that will be the end of it.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to vote on the newsletter emails, and DFTBA (don't forget to be awesome!)!


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