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Post by Guest on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:04 am

Name: Frostsong

Age: 2 winters, and a summer.

Gender: She-cat

Alliance: Dewclan if possible, If not, I'll just say she was exiled from a clan.

Rank: Warrior or Loner

Appearance: Beautiful white she-cat, with grey streaks on her sides. Resembles tiger stripes turned sideways. Also has bright, lively, blue eyes. Also has somewhat long rear claws.

Personality: Loyal and headstrong, Frostsong never backs down from a fight, unless she knows she's wrong. Fiercely defends kits, friends, and family alike. She is always ready to fight, but won't unless she has good reason to. Loyal to the point she would fight all of the clans, alone, to defend her loved ones. Tends to be a good fighter when pushed.

History: Born a loner, her parents raised her until she was about warrior age. She learned to fight from her father, and learned about herbs and healing from her mother. Her mother was killed by a badger, and her father was taken by twolegs. After this, she was left to fend for herself, just outside of clan territory. She was eventually found, and joined some strange clan. It is unclear if she will stay or not.

RP Example: Just look at Talon's bio.


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Re: Frostsong

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