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CLOSESD Lounging

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CLOSESD Lounging

Post by Meany on Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:33 am

Mimi, a tom who liked to brag about being a great warrior of Cityclan, was laying on a heating vent whilst basking in the sunlight.
Mimi was a rather pudgy tom with mismatched eyes, a condition all of his siblings and his mother (when he'd last seen them six years ago) shared. He didn't mind his eyes - just like he didn't mind his weight of his name.
The tom sighed as he lifted his chin towards the sun, glad to know there would be a half-decent meal waiting for him should he desire it, but no housefolk to lock him up.

Rufus was lounging as well. He didn't have any chores or duties in Cityclan - it was rare that anyone chose to work, and those that did were called insane, stupid, mouse-brained... just like the cats who believed in Soar, or Scour, or whatever they called the midget god-cat they all seemed to worship. And yet, said crazies stuck to their 'duties', providing for the Clan and all of that...

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Re: CLOSESD Lounging

Post by Longstorm on Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:48 am

Thankfully, these toms weren't the example all of Cityclan followed. Not too far away, other cats were raoming.

I'll be a Gatherer - even better, they'll make me a Distributor! Martin, a white tom with hideously muddy fur - so muddy it looked like he had black fur - was stalking a scrawny rat.
My hunting moves will be the envy of all the cats in the City - 'He's proved his worth,' they'll mew enviously. How envious they'll be... And all the she-cats will just line up. The blue-eyed tom grinned at that thought.
He fell into what the Clan cats would have seen as a sloppy hunter's crouch, pounced - and collided with some tin cans, nearly smacking his head against a dumpster.
Bright side, though - he trapped the rat. It squeaked in anger and nipped his paws many times, eliciting an angry yowl of pain from the would-be hunter.
Out of spite, Martin bit the rat on the back of the neck, snarling in anger. Much to his surprise, it died.
He shrugged and picked it up, fully intending on carrying it back when - his stomach growled. "Well," he dropped the rat, "I can always catch another." He laid down and tucked in.

Eli, a particularly bouncy cat, was jumping from trash can to trash can, causing quite a ruckus. CLANG CLANG - BOOM. CLANG CLANG RATTLE - BOOM.
The BOOM came from whenever he hit the ground and purposefully kicked an empty trash can with mule-like hind legs.
BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM - CLANG CLANG RATTLE - BOOM. Scritch scritch, scramble CLANG CLANG CLANG CLANG - SNUFF - landed in a trash can...
The black tom shook himself, made sure no one was watching, and scrambled out. He was quite finished - for now.

Alexis, a sensible she-cat, had seen the whole thing and was purring in amusement. "Trying out for the two-leg crazy games, are you?" She was a dark brown she-cat.
Eli looked over at her and mewed smoothly, "But of course! I can't stay here forever - no, one day you'll see me on a two-leg magic box, standing inside of it with all the adoring two-legs cheering for me."
Alexis rolled her eyes, licking her paw.
Eli rolled over and kicked at some pretend villain in the air. "Nah, it's just good exercise - gotta be ready for evil Clans or whatever nefarious creatures threaten our Clan."
Martin, who was near, was pissed with Eli. "Would you keep it down," he snarled, mouth full of rat, "I'm trying to eat."
Alexis looked at him cooly and mewed, "Of course, only you would call that shredded garbage worth eating." It was apparent that she had seen the tom before - and it was also apparent that Eli's genuine attitude had won her over.
Martin glared at her, mumbling something about noise and she-cats, but he went back to his rat in silence.

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