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The winding, muddy unknown...

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The winding, muddy unknown...

Post by Loki on Mon Dec 26, 2011 12:50 am

Cody was lost.
Not location wise, no, for he knew these forests well. He didn't know where to go and most certainly could not turn back.
What do I do? He repeated in his mind over and over and over again.
His paws hurt and what was left of a once pretty purple collar draped around his neck.
Careful not to snag the closest memory he had of his comfortable life with the two-legs, he turned down an overused muddy track, on par to; thorns and thistles (Which would have been a wiser decision, in these circumstances).
He was terrified, In all honesty, as Mudbloodclan cats came across his mind. He was swooped upon from his slumber under a hedge and taken to carry terrible deeds for the Mudbloodclan brutes.
After the untimely death of Sharp he scattered before others knew he had and with hope they thought he was dead.

As he traipsed down this neverending path he thought back to the comfortable times of being "dry-born" (which was what cats who were born in Mudbloodclan called those whom were born outside of its abode).
"Curse them and their cause," He hissed, surprising himself.
Hungry and tired he wondered on aimlessly for what seemed a pointless journey.
Thoughts of playing with the Two-leg kits came to mind; chasing strings and balls, feeding upon the many varieties they offered and sleeping whilst: snow, sleet and rain, came down outside.

These trees simply reminded him of nothing but how hungry he was.
"I can't go back though," He said to himself.
No... no I can't. Those tyrants are crawling all over the town. Looking for weakling and loners who they can twist and manipulate to their own accord. Ba_"
He gave a start.
Before him was a mouse.
Has my look changed?
He began to crouch and stalk upon the insolent creature.
There's one thing that came well with me away from that place...
He leaped and took the life for the advantage of his own, biting down upon its neck.
-I've learn't a lot out o' it.
And so he carried on after a brisk snack, down the winding, muddy unknown.

(OOC: just thought I'd rp him)

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