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Ex-Raining Dust - Skyfall

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Ex-Raining Dust - Skyfall

Post by Longstorm on Sat Dec 31, 2011 1:39 am

Name: Sky of Falling Leaves/Leaves/Skyfall
Age: 2 Green-Seasons
Gender: She-cat

Alliance: Dwellers

Rank: Prey-Hunter/Loner

Appearance: Leaves (as she prefers to be called) is a somewhat small and thin, narrow faced she-cat. She has smooth, white fur with small black and orange patches. Her eyes are a light green color. She has a small scar on her left ear.

Personality: Leaves wasn't happy about The Tribe of Burning Streams. She believes that the Tribe breed would be stronger if they all stayed together. But beside being opposed to that, she is a basically friendly, cheerful cat. She likes to think that she is a friend to everyone (at least those inside of her group). Leaves is a strong believer of the Tribe of Endless Hunting. She is a bit nervous around kits, and isn't to sure on whether or not she wants to have some of her own. Regardless of that she wouldn't mind having a mate, 'someone to face eternity with', she says. But she has yet to find a tom to truly loves. Leaves takes great pride in her hunting abilities. Perhaps too much...

History: Leaves's mother and father disappeared when she was 2 moons old. No one knows what happened to them. Leaves has the slight ambition of finding out what exactly happened to them. She doesn't believe that they are dead. Leaves is an only child. Leaves received her scar from an eagle that tried to kill her when she was 7 moons old. Some said that she was truly blessed by their ancestors. She has yet to give that much thought.
When she was nine moons old a great tragedy occured in her Tribe, causing her to lose faith in the Tribe of Endless Hunting and she fled, changing her name to 'Skyfall' and finding the Dwellers. Now she has great faith in Longstorm and hopes she will return one day.

RP Example: Show us how well you play, and how your cat will be in the RPing world. If you've already made a character and RPed him/her you don't have to do this.

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