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8th Newsletter!

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8th Newsletter!

Post by Longstorm on Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:06 am

And it's here, the first Newsletter of the year!

Upcoming Battle:

Don't get your panties in a twist, the Questers are coming - in a PLANE? Yes, due to a bit of symbolism from Abyssclan and a technicality from a prophecy, not to mention Moonclan's lack of two-leg encounters, the Questers are coming back in Style!
Right after a particularly nasty avalanche and tumble down the side of a mountain, amazingly, the cats survived. Now they've found themselves in the small village of Bree, located in the Deep Valley between the Mountains of Indigo and the Mountains of Dusk.
Lo und behold - an air field! Ah, Starclan, they'll be back in time after all!

Meanwhile, Mudbloodclan has begun to mobilize - are your Clans ready to face the coming attack?

Random Question: Why were all those queens with kits taken away but they never reached Moonclan?
Answer: How many kits are there in the forest? Not many? Most of them are hidden with the Questers and away from the battle?
Yeah. Cool

Clan News:

Coreclan, Searclan, and Roseclan have gotten together for a meeting of strange and epic proportions! What have they got planned? A joining of sorts? Check the topic out here!: The Time Has Come

Will Dewclan still stand with Mudblood during this fight? That's the question even I'm wondering after, friends.
Also, in Dewclan - Jayleaf, great medicine cat, mentor, and friend, has passed into the realm of Starclan. This medicine cat has been with us since the beginning of this site and is a part of our history, as well as an old member who was a friend of ours.

Abyssclan is experiencing great change! Now she-cats are allowed to become Warriors and learn the secret symbols and languages of their past.

Darkclan is mobilizing! After the brutal attack from Mudblood on their lands, and Darkclan's vicious retaliation, the Clan of the mountains are preparing for ROUND TWO!
Who will win? Who will die? Will the Clans unite?

Tawnyclan is rebuilding! Even now the cats are finding each other, and they are aware that a greater threat is coming!

Cityclan is seeking a new Chancellor - but the Chancellor himself still lives? What is this treachery?

The Lottery!

The Numbers:
12 - 2 - 6 - 3
Board 12 - Off Topic Board (I don't count 'News' or 'Just Joining Us?')
Sub-Board 2 - Off Topic Chat
Topic 6 - Operation Padfoot!
Post 3 - And the Winner Is....
BLACKPAW!!! Congratulations, you've won 5,000 Money! and a pic of your choice!

Number of Posts:

We've hit 10,000! Thank you, everyone, for staring this year off with our best record yet! I love you

Happy New Year, Everyone!!!!

Head on to the Off Topic Board and talk about your resolutions, how you partied New Year's Eve, and what you hope to see in this site in the coming year!


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