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9th Newsletter

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9th Newsletter

Post by Longstorm on Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:58 pm

Good god y'all, this has been wildly put off... No

The Allegiances

Go through them here! We've been weeding out what cats actually aren't played or were owned by members who are no longer with us, so EVERYONE: look through the list and tell me what cats you play where via PM. Thank you for being ever so lovely and helpful as per usual, lovely members. I love you


Number of Cats: 23


Ezziesong ~White she-cat with black on tips of ears and tail


Senior warriors:

Clifftail ~white tom with black spots and blue eyes

Garnetheart ~White tom with a dark ginger patch at chest, light green eyesmissing

Solarstorm ~Golden tom with yellow eyes. and black patch on left shoulder.

Leopardstorm ~lean Silver tiger striped she cat

Dayriser ~Golden tom with ice blue eyes

Tigerflame ~Dark tabby with long tiger stripes with a white front left paw

Nightail ~Pure black she-cat with green eyes


Thornpelt ~ black tom with white chest and blue eyes

Rainstorm ~gray tabby tom with blue eyes
Apprentice: Mosspaw,

Stormclaw ~calico tom with clear green eyes ~MISSING
Apprentice: none

Skyblaze~dark brown tabby tom with sky blue eyes
Apprentice: none

Wolffang ~blue/grey tom with darker grey markings and pure blue eyes
Apprentice: Distortpaw

Sunshift ~Golden tabby tom with proud golden eyes
Apprentice: none

Greydawn, light grey tabby tom with lighter markings, pale green eyes


Distortpaw- pretty light ginger she-cat with deep blue eyes

Sinewpaw ~black tom with white paws and Icy blue eyes like his mother, Lokistar.

Mosspaw, ~long-furred calico she-cat with green eyes


Pigeonwing, ~smaller yet long-legged smoky gray she-cat with darker flecks and blue eyes (mother to Garnetheart's kits, Silverkit, Frostkit, Whisperkit, and Redkit) Missing

Medicine cat:

Apprentice:deceased since site migration


Silverkit ~light solid gray she-cat with dark stripe down her back and light blue eyes Missing

Frostkit ~white she-cat with green eyes - Pigeonwing is mother Missing

Whisperkit ~tortie she-cat with stub tail Missing

Redkit ~tortie tom Missing


Number of Cats: 29

Leader: Redstar, black/red tom with a split lip
Apprentice, Icepaw

Deputy: Hollowstripe, bark-colored tabby she-cat with dark green eyes
Apprentice, Bronzepaw

Healer: Mistlight, light gray she-cat with green eyes, healer apprentice Missing

Warriors: Toms and she-cats who're protectors and providers of Darkclan.

Senior Warriors

Sleetcoat, dingy white-coated tom with gray eyes

Gingerleaf, large dark ginger tom with dark green eyes - flat faced and long in the tooth Missing

Lightningpelt, long-furred gold tabby she-cat with dark green eyes

Smokepelt, gray tom with darker stripes

Sorestare, red tabby tom with darker tail and amber/red eyes due to injury

Gorseclaw, beige coated tom with amber eyes
Apprentice, Silverpaw


Sunmist, white-with-ginger-flecks she-cat with amber eyes

Jaycall, large dark gray tom with blue eyes, son of Thornstar
Apprentice, Bluepaw

Blizzardgaze, light gray, long-furred she-cat with one dark green eye - blind in left eye

Frostshine, Black cat with white tips on ears and tail and gray eyes
Apprentice, Goldpaw

Blackfire, black tom with amber eyes

Panthersoul, black tom with scar on right shoulder and white patch on chest Not born yet

Soulflame, orange tabby she-cat with amber eyes Not born yet

Cloudfeet, pale gray tom with white paws and green eyes

Rainfoot, big tom with ragged gray-and-white fur and blue eyes - gray paws

Flowerfoot, black she-cat with white paws, bushy white-tip tail and deep green eyes

Queens: She-cat warriors either expecting or nursing kits

Blueblossom, white she-cat with a pink nose and blue eyes, expecting Blackfire's kits

Skyecho, calico she-cat with green eyes, mother to Longflight's kits (Echokit, calico tom with green eyes, Flightkit, dark gray tom with blue eyes, Screechkit, long-furred orange tabby tom with green eyes, Fallkit, cream-colored tom with green eyes, Leafkit, tortie she-kit with green eyes)

Apprentices: Cats who have reached 6 moons training to be warriors or Medicine Cat.

Goldpaw, orange tabby tom with amber eyes

Silverpaw, solid gray she-cat with blue eyes

Bronzepaw, brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Shadepaw, small dark gray, almost black, she-cat with dark blue eyes, a light gray chest, and a light gray-tipped tail. Not born yet

Bluepaw, silvery-blue fur she-cat with soft white belly and stormy grey eyes - her tail is long and bushy Missing

Icepaw, pale, thick-furred grey tom with white tail-tip and paws, with pale blue eyes Missing

Elders: Warriors or Queens now retired

Longfur, Long-furred cream colored tom with green eyes


Number of Cats: 34

Leader: Daystar, golden tom with a fleck of black on tail and paws and blue eyes
Apprentice, Hollypaw - MISSING

Deputy: Dewdrop, pale gray with darker stripes she-cat with white markings on her tail, chest, and paws

Medicine Cat: Jayleaf, blue-gray tabby tom with feather-like darker markings - leaf-green eyes
Apprentice, Mistpaw


Sparrowhawk, brown tabby tom with yellow eyes MISSING

Grimclaw, large black tom with white markings and yellow eyes

Birdhop, dove gray tom with green eyes and odd speckles on his left front leg and eyes

Whitehare, white she-cat with yellow eyes MISSING

Riverstorm, long furred calico tom with oddly sharpened teeth and claws

Coalstripe, russet tom with black stripes paws and tail, piercing green eyes

Rayclaw, orange tabby tom with amber eyes

Skysoar, black she-cat with white tips and blue eyes

Creekheart, gray tom w/ stripes and icy blue eyes

Ravenswift, long furred calico tom with amber eyes

Snowfeather, small she-cat with sleek white fur and amber eyes MISSING

Rainheart, gray tabby she-cat with green eyes

Whiterose, gray she-cat with black stripes and white-tipped tail with green eyes

Maplejay, gold calico she-cat with blue eyes

Rainheart, ash-gray she-cat with white belly and green eyes and a crescent scar on her shoulder

Foxclaw, large russet tom with white chest and black paws like a fox
Apprentice, Bramblepaw

Shadowspot, black tom with small white patch on face, and dark amber eyes

Firefoot, orange tom with white chest and paws and amber eyes

Brownpelt, small brown tom with pale yellow eyes


Brambleleaf, brown tabby she-cat with green eyes MISSING


Mistpaw, light silver she-cat with white markings and dark green eyes

Riverpaw, white and gray she-cat with dutch marking and green eyes

Sunpaw, ginger tom with darker stripes

Bramblepaw, brown tabby tom with white paws and belly

Tigerpaw, dark brown tom with bushy tail

Hollypaw, she-cat tortoiseshell


Raggedwisp, Small,(thus the word wisp) tom with ragged furred patchy tortoiseshell and amber eyes


Number of Cats: 30

Leader: Sin of Scourge (Scourge), medium-sized black tom with with scars around pale blue eyes
Choosing, Dark

Prince: Loveless, dark brown tom with amber eyes, front left leg is deformed, nasty scar on his chest


Cunningheart, white she-cat with black splotches on her legs, amber eyes, only she-cat warrior

Fresh, black and white tom-kit with blue eyes

The Circle:

Searingeyes, sleek dark brown tom with golden eyes, x-ray vision and mind reader

Soulvoider, muscular black tom with golden eyes, virus

Despairingcall, large long-furred black tom with golden eyes, voice mimic and linguist

Switchblade, mainly black tom with a few white markings and white back paws - yellow eyes
Choosing, Cold


Senior Warriors

Snarlgag, a large muscular dark gray tom with orange eyes
Choosing, Fire

Scorchpoint, smaller mottled gray tom with dark amber eyes and small paws - his teeth are broken and somewhat blackened due to an accident when he was a kit (the same fire that took his voice)


Razorclaw, gray tom with dark green eyes

Paleclaw, pale tom with pale green eyes and pale claws

Tigerfrost, brown classic torbie with pale gray eyes - almost white

Moanfang, solid white tom with large paws


Hopeless, dark gray she-cat with amber eyes

Luckless, dark tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Charmless, pale tabby she-cat with green eyes, half of face torn away by her Master

Dauntless, light gray she-cat with blue eyes


Bitter, brown spotted tabby tom with amber eyes
Boneless, black she-cat with green eyes - the bone in her tail is shattered


Dark, brown-ticked tabby tom with yellow eyes MISSING

Cold, silver ticked tabby tom with green eyes MISSING

Scream, chocolate tom with amber eyes


Terra, tuxedo she-cat with yellow eyes (foster mother to 4 kits - Bark, brindle tom with dark blue eyes, Torn, dark brown tom with yellow eyes, Fresh, black and white tom with blue eyes, Thistle, white tom with blue eyes)

Joyless, silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes (mother to 4 kits)

Grace, black and white she-cat with amber eyes


Eyeless, smaller black she-cat with white markings and dark blue eyes

Falsecall, large dark tabby tom with white paws, underbelly, and muzzle - amber eyes: attempted to murder kits, attacked Warriors

Defenseless, small long-furred classic tabby she-cat with green eyes

Moonclan and the other Pseudos aren't listed since I have no doubts on their memberships.

If any cat is not claimed, it will be erased from the Clan Allegiances.

The Gathering

The full moon cometh! In a matter of RP days, the full moon will shine once again since it turned to blood!
Last time, neither Dewclan nor Abyssclan attended. Ezziesong revealed to Redstar that Lokistar was sick and that they had no medicine cat, but little more was said in the grand scheme of things.

Death of Jayleaf

Jayleaf, medicine cat of Dewclan, had died! A moment of silence, please, for our fallen comrade, and for the loss of the member Fossy.
Now, Mistpaw, medicine cat apprentice, must venture to the Moonfall for her initiation - but what with times being so dangerous, will she do it?

The Weather

Still raining.
Tawnyclan's river is starting to break it's banks, Dewclan's marshes are flooding, Abyssclan's hill has mudslides. The Clans Sear and Core have a bad territory to be in since there is still little cover to be had.
Roseclan is one of the better shielded Clans since they live in the mountains, like Darkclan does. Cityclan is having no trouble with the torrents of rain since the buildings block most of it.
It's getting chilly out since summer is ending and fall is well on its way.

Who's got a medicine cat?

Darkclan's medicine cat is hiding in the Darkclan wilderness. Dewclan has a medicine cat apprentice. Tawnyclan has no medicine cat. Roseclan, Coreclan, and Searclan have forms of medicine cats. Abyssclan has two Menders.
Food for thought.

The Battle:

Will be here soon! Just.. wait.

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Re: 9th Newsletter

Post by Loki on Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:37 pm

Just want to add how sorry I am that I have hardly been on.
My dad brought me a new screen for my computer and I discarded the old one.
My dad got the new one from work. He fixed it when they threw it out and gave it to me.
it WAS a decent flat screen better than the old box but anyway my dads work place decided they wanted them back
so now I cannot get onto my pc.
Not only does this stop my series production but I can't upload the images for Amunet, garnet, spike etc
you WILL get them but I don't know when I'll be given a new screen for my PC. I'm typing on my mom and dad's computer at the moment and its not really a good pc.
Thats my main excuse...
As I work on saturdays and sundays, go to school everyday of the week, I'v been waking up at 7/6am and not being able to sleep very well anyway I'v been too moody and tired to get on via mom and dad's pc but they don't like me using it any way since, "I cause all the viruses to wreck the computer" etc etc
I'm in agony at the moment so I'm in bed when not at work and school yadayada I'll come one more when I'm not dying Smile

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