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Renatus the horse

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Renatus the horse

Post by NKninja on Tue Jan 24, 2012 1:44 am

Wild horse
Name: Renatus (Latin for reborn)
Breed: Appaloosa
Gender: Colt
Ranking: Scout?
Herd: Wildwhispers (Rainpelt's)
Age: 4 greenleafs
height: 6 Hands

Personality: Renatus is regularly pretty aggressive and a bit selfish. He always has the etch to fight someone even though he doesn't show it. Even though he may seem very hot headed, he's actually very kind and practical in strategies, even for his young age.

History : Renatus's parents were formerly both stable horses. His father as a Stallion was always mesmerized into joining the wild herds that emanated afar from his stable. His 'mate' on the other hand, didn't want his only child to get sickness in the deep leafbare, and rejected all thoughts from him about the herd.
During the leafbare, her only Foal, died of hypothermia. Filled with grief, she decided to have another child to 'replace' the other one. Two years after the death of the first child, another Foal was born. Looking almost like her former child, she named him Renatus, beliving that it was her former child, that came back.

Growing about to two years, He, grew to hate his mother like his father. Believing of a better future for his child, Renatus's father decided to give him the chance to escape the stables and join the life as a wild horse.
It took only two months to find a herd, and grow acceptance to the group.

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Re: Renatus the horse

Post by Rainpelt on Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:30 am

Do I have the power?


Sorry. LS?

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Re: Renatus the horse

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 30, 2012 9:21 pm



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Re: Renatus the horse

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