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WIP: History of BloodClan - After the Battle

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WIP: History of BloodClan - After the Battle

Post by Longstorm on Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:38 am

OOC: This may very well sound like some sort of documentary, but I figure it will stop the few of you who are, wondering.

...."Scourge!" Firestar yowled. "Turn and face me!"
The small black cat whipped around, letting go of Cloudtail in his shock. "How... I killed you."
"You did," Firestar spat back at him. "But I am a leader with nine lives who fights alongside StarClan. Can you say as much?"
For the first time he thought he saw a flicker of uncertainty in Scourge's cold eyes, and at last Firestar understood what Barley had told him. Scourge's lack of belief in StarClan was his greatest weakness. Without belief, without the laws and customs of the forest clans, Scourge did not have the nine lives of a leader. When he died, he would be dead forever.
The BloodClan leader's uncertainty lasted no more than a heartbeat. He aimed a final blow at Cloudtail, dislodging the weakening warrior and tossing him up against the great rock.
Firestar seemed to cover the ground with winged paws - but Scourge was fast...

Following the battle of The Darkest Hour, a fight even twolegs took notice of, Scourge, leader of BloodClan wasted no time in asserting himself as the forest's King.

"You have until Moonhigh," the cat addressed the remaining warriors in his eerily pitched voice.
Standing before the broken body of Firestar, Cloudtail glared at the small tom through grief-glazed eyes. "Until what," the warrior spat.
The BloodClan warriors glowered at the white tom as Scourge calmly replied, "To leave this forest. I am not entirely cruel. You need the time to say goodbye to your home..." His tail flicked. "If my warriors catch you in my forest after Moonhigh, your entire clans will be slaughtered."
Cloudtail's ears flattened but his tail drooped. There was no winning. No leader, no deputy, no medicine cat.
Mistyfoot caught his eye for a moment and nodded briefly, defeatedly. The white warrior could only nod in return, despair taking over his heart.
The two of them looked to the few remaining ShadowClan warriors and Oakfur, a small brown tom, returned the gaze. He nodded to them and joined the two warriors in looking at what remained of WindClan's warriors. Tornear, now the highest authority, nodded resignedly.
"Fine," Oakfur, ever ShadowClan, still had the dignity to sound spiteful. "We'll take our clans."
Scourge nodded cooly, his own cats snickering.
The cats of the clans stood there awkwardly - were they really leaving? Were they really doing this?
"What are you waiting for," purred Brick, which was a strange sight what with her being soaked in warrior blood.

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