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Fallenwing, and accompanied by many other platoons, trotted in a near blob, Returning with much less then what they left with. Practically 400 had decreased drastically in only 1 night. But some platoons were hurt less then others. Fallenwing didn't at all think of this night as a loss. Much more an achievement. We now know their weak points, where the'll protect most, how the'll move.. The forest is all ours! Fallenwing cheered in his head, but had a steel, almost bored look on his face as he looked anxiously at his war injuries.
His tail was brutally burnt from the fire, and had definite mortal wounds sprawled across his strangely patterned back. Oh.. They will pay.. He strangely imagined.. Screams from all parts of the forest uniting, But it didn't last long as he remembered their leader.
Where was Falsecall this whole time?
Something made him curiously aggressive now.
He pricked his ears. There was activity going on in the camp, but something made it eerie.. hollow.

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