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10th Newsletter (Belated, Boo)

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10th Newsletter (Belated, Boo)

Post by Longstorm on Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:51 am

Here we are then! Let's get down to business!


Pouring down rain! Thank goodness, too, else the fires would have been worse than they were.
The TawnyClan river is breaking it's banks!
The AbyssClan hill is experiencing mudslides!
DewClan's marshes are overflowing!
RoseClan's pond is swelling!
DarkClan's getting some freezing sleet!

The territories with the worst damage (TawnyClan, SearClan, CoreClan) have little to no protection from the rain. It's miserable.

The Season: The end of Green-Leaf, leading into Leaf-Fall, which makes the rain so much worse.

Yes, it will be raining for the Battle.
Speaking of which....

The Big Battle

Yes, we've all heard the legend of this mysterious, so-called upcoming battle, supposedly meant to occur two months ago...
It's not just the Questers that will get this battle going, fellow warriors. It's the other Clans that need to be ready when the time comes.
The battle is meant to occur after the night of the full moon, AKA The Gathering.
How ready is your Clan?

DarkClan - They intend to go out to the other Clans in one day and plead for alliance. Full moon date - two days.
TawnyClan - Currently in the AbyssClan flatlands, searching for a traitor to their Clan. Mudblood is occupying their territory. Full moon date - unknown.
DewClan - Has a patrol checking the damages to the other territories, their medicine cat apprentice heading out to receive her full name, and a Clan slowly turning against their Mudblood allies. Full moon date - unknown.
AbyssClan - Intend to head out to CityClan to seek out more Warriors, as well as transplant their camp. Full moon date - two days.
RoseClan/CoreClan/SearClan - seeking to form an alliance. RoseClan is meant to become a Main Clan after the battle. Full moon date - unknown.
CityClan - will not directly participate in the battle. Full moon date - three days.
MoonClan - Heading towards our fair Cold Territories with the Questers. Full moon date - two days.
MudbloodClan - occupying certain territories, entertaining prisoners, etc. Full moon date - unknown.

Every single Clan needs to make an effort to further the cause. It's the combined plots of all of the Clans that will make this thing happen, hence the term 'Site Wide Plot'.
(The Full Moon Dates will be updated periodically via Site Update so we all know how in sync we are).
Poll - Would you like Full Moon Updates to be posted regularly, even after the battle?

DewClan News:

As you all know, DewClan's faithful medicine cat, Jayleaf, died a few RP days past. He died of greencough, a terrible, painful death if not treated.
Shadowspot, a young half-breed warrior, was with the older tom when he died. Jayleaf passed on a prophecy -
"The one who holds the flame will burn the thorns."
Then died. When Shadowspot relayed the news that Jayleaf had died to his Clan, the Clan assumed their Mudblood allies were responsible. Shadowspot neither confirmed nor denied this, and in the turmoil he made a life-changing decision.
He shared his plan only with Mistpaw, the medicine cat apprentice: Mutilate the body of Jayleaf and frame the Mudbloods so they will be driven from DewClan borders.
Mistpaw agreed, leaving the warrior to do the deed. Afterwards, Mistpaw herself prepared the bloodied body for burial, erasing all evidence that it was one of DewClan's who wounded the dead medicine cat after death.

Now we can only watch the dominoes fall.

TawnyClan News:

TawnyClan has been successfully driven from their territory! Betrayed by warriors Stone and Stormclaw, Ezziesong, the only superior left in TawnyClan (Deputy), bravely lead the survivors away and into AbyssClan flatlands (called the Battle Fields on the map).
Even there they are looking for Stormclaw. Unbeknownst to the cats of TawnyClan, they are being watched by an AbyssClan patrol, who look on in amusement.
TawnyClan territory is currently occupied by MudbloodClan.

DarkClan News:

A brave warrior of DarkClan, Smokepelt, has died of his wounds. Infection set in and there was no medicine cat to help him.
Now, after the short vigil, Redstar has called a meeting with his deputy and senior warriors, asking for their trust. (For those who don't remember, when Redstar was still Redfall, deputy under Thornstar, he lead a group of rebels away from DarkClan lands and into the Frost Forests when he saw Thornstar succumbing to madness. Neither his deputy or the senior warriors of DarkClan were with the DarkClan rebellion. Now, leading them into battle, he needs to know if they have faith in him.)
Later in the day, DarkClan warriors will be sent into the still-smouldering territories to seek out allies in the neighboring Clans (the night before the Gathering).

Quester/MoonClan News:

Following the avalanche in the Mountains of Indigo, the Questers are in the Village of Bree! Even now, nearly all of the cats have gathered at the Air Strip, where the plane that will take them home will soon land.
Soon they will be joined by the final cats in the group, then the group who were so unfortunate as to find the mysterious Dwellers.
But even now, there is a force working against them. Who is this Sassypelt? Why is she sowing the seeds of doubt amongst the weaker-minded cats? Who is this 'Goddess' she - and the Dwellers - worship?
Lastly - is would appear that Stormstar's health and mind are failing him. Will Sunclaw, his faithful deputy, join him in time?

- Relavant Prophecies -

Mistpaw/light of DarkClan (many Gatherings Past) - Prophecy of the Fallen Moon AbyssClan Rebellion, and the Return of MoonClan, and the Battle of Mudblood. Nearly Complete.

The Questers - Prophecy of the Questers Questers/Site-Wide. Nearly Complete.

Silverfur of DarkClan - Silverfur's Final Word From the AbyssClan and DarkClan Rebellions to the DewClan/Mudblood Alliance, as well as a few unknown factors about AbyssClan and TawnyClan. Nearly Complete.

Joy of AbyssClan - Joy's Word AbyssClan Only - Nearly Complete.

UPDATE - The prophecies in the board Prophecies (found in the OOC Board) will be updated when they are completed, explaining each part of the prophecy.
If you have a prophecy, please make sure it is posted there. Cool

The Next Gathering!

This will be the 8th technical Gathering (a few were canceled due to Weather or Clan Politics).

Past Gatherings:

MudbloodClan has made themselves known.
The False Prophecy Silverfur gave for Thornstar (never called out as false!) still looms, though is less important (currently) then the impending troubles.
Ezziesong was asking Redstar for medicine cat help at the last Gathering, but TawnyClan and DarkClan were attacked a few hours following after the Gathering.
AbyssClan no longer attends Gatherings (they did not announce this, but their continuing absence should make it obvious).

Also: Did anyone know, that at the Second Gathering, a white tiger and a snow fox appeared in a vision? (We say Vision now, since the RPer of both is long gone... Sad)

Medicine Cat Meetings:

They haven't been happening. But it's OKAY! Why? Well, let me tell you...

Dun - dun- dun- dun - dah -dah!

Well the Tawnies lost to Two-Legs
And the Dewies are traitors!
And Mistlight from DarkClan is hiding out in the wilders(ness)!
And Otterpool from Moonies is a hundred miles away!
And the Menders aren't A-C-C-O-M-P-A-N-Y-I-N-G.

Now I know it sucks we just aren't that precise...
But it's better not to do than just to die...
By the Mudblood's paws -
Man, that would really suck -

Now we can all agree that
We all play a bunch of cats
And the worst thing for a Clan is lacking a med-cat!
Especially when a big battle is looming so nigh

But don't panic or you might
Get killed by the bad guy
Right now it's do or die

Win the fight or die!


(That was a WAY cut-up version of THIS SONG. I suck. I know. I was rushed. Give me time, and there will be a better version via Update. Smile)

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Re: 10th Newsletter (Belated, Boo)

Post by Longstorm on Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:57 pm

That's it. I'm changing the board permissions.

Go to the Help Board if you want to ask questions, and WELCOME!

If you have a question, EMAIL me at:

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Re: 10th Newsletter (Belated, Boo)

Post by NKninja on Mon Nov 05, 2012 1:22 am

Strange... I wonder why Limelemon is posting his question in the title box. Kinda seems irrelevant.

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Re: 10th Newsletter (Belated, Boo)

Post by Ezziestar on Mon Nov 05, 2012 11:45 am

Could I offer a minor adjustment to Tawnyclan's updates?

Stone isn't a bad cat, he's part of Tawnyclan and is close to the age to become a warrior.
Smile That is all.

I'm Ezziesong, the cat that will risk my life for love.

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Re: 10th Newsletter (Belated, Boo)

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