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Stormclaw Vs. Stone

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Stormclaw Vs. Stone

Post by Ezziestar on Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:33 pm

Stormclaw had decided to go for a look around what appeared as a naked forest. the trees had no leaves, and memories of the flames were fresh in his mind. Stormclaw closed his eyes, he couldn't bare the thought of how the forest was burned down. He went to Mudbloodclan hoping for a better life, was the burning down of the forest enough? To see the look on that Tawny mousebrained scum! ((Is that an alright word?))
Suddenly there was a shreik, "Traitor!"
Stormclaw saw Stone, Stone's pelt almost was completely scarlet from blood and most of his pelt made him look grey from smoke and ash.
Stormclaw's tail tip was twitching in annoyance, he decided to ignore the tom and walk off. "Don't turn away from me!" Stone coughed out, his voice hoarse from the smoke that he had fallen unconscious in.
Stormclaw paused to call over his shoulder, "Why? It's not like I care anyway."
Stone looked disappointed, "I was hoping to run you off, but it looks like all traitors got the better of you. Fighting you wont be too hard."

Stormclaw stopped and watched as Stone lipmed towards him, claws unsheathed and ready for battle. Stormclaw sighed, "What is the use? Your just as broken as when I dragged you there."
"Broken? Dragged?" Stone scoffed, Stormclaw shrugged, then went to leave again.
A weight knocked him down, He's faster then I thought.
Claws dug into his back, But still as beebrained as he first time we fought.

Stormclaw couldn't take it anymore, he flipped over and managed to knock Stone off, and half crush him in the process, then he got to his paws, flipped around and had Stone pinned, his claws digging into the Tawnyclanner's chest. Stone hissed, "Kill me, go on."
Stormclaw then realised what was going on, "Your petty tricks wont have any effect on me!" He hissed.
Stone said nothing, just closed his eyes and waited. Stormclaw hissed into his ear, "I wont kill you this time, but if you stay here and bring more Tawnyclanners, or any clanners, then I'll hunt you down!"

the hiss sent chills through Stone's mind, suddenly, the claws had withdrawn, the weight gone. Stone opened his eyes, half expecting the older tom to still be there. But Stormclaw had gone, leaving behind nothing more then tension in the air.

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