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Information on Other Animals

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Information on Other Animals

Post by Longstorm on Thu Mar 29, 2012 12:18 am

As written by Loki.

You may play more than one species here on the Outcast Warriors. Here we talk about three of six species you may play. The three here are:


We'll start of with the word... realism
Okay. You will create the character in the Make-a-cat section which will be changed to Make-a-character.
You can now make your animal characters Very Happy. There will be a sticky to how to describe your animals...

Back to the conversation...

Wolf ranks

Leader and ledrene -Leader is a male wolf (you must fight constantly for this position) Ledrene is female position, You fight with other females between winter and spring, (mating season is after this) If you have won, and the pack females submit to you, then you are Ledrene, You MUST produce pups, this is wolf law. weather you like the leader or not, that is how wolves actually live irl.

The Beta is the second-in-command, as so to speak, as both Alphas share control of the pack. Betas are usually very skilled hunters, are strong and loyal. They are usually older, as experience serves the pack well. They are expected to help protect the pack, help arrange hunts, assist the Alphas when needed and help keep order within the ranks, lay boundaries and remove offending wolves from pack lands.
[One – Either Gender – Appointed by the Alphas, fights.]

The Gamma is usually the runner-up in position for Beta-ship. They are usually either a little younger or a little older than the Beta, those few years making the difference in ability and/or strength. Gammas oversee the majority of hunts and aid the Beta when required. The Gamma is the bottom end of the pack’s uppermost level of dominance.
[One - Either Gender - Appointed by the Alphas, fights.]

Epsilons are within the highest range of the pack’s middle ranks. Epsilons tend to be old wolves, as their life experience makes them extremely valuable to the pack, but their age has begun to hold them back. Younger Epsilons are usually skilled hunters and quite intelligent. They tended to have displayed very dominant behavior since birth and are natural fighters. Chances are that young Epsilons will usually make Gamma, Beta or even Alpha later in life. Epsilon is typically reserved for older wolves.
[Two max. – Any gender – Alpha appointment, reaching 8+ years, fights (only for wolves under 8.)]

For elder wolves that did not quite make the cut into Epsilon or for the younger generations that weren’t strong enough to win over the tough Epsilon young bloods, there is always Theta. More submissive than the Epsilons, Thetas tend to aid in scouting and educating the pack about the lands around them, such as were good hunting is within the land, what prey to avoid, about dangerous predators and the like. Thetas are in charge of education pups about the world around them after their mother. This rank, like Epsilon, is typically reserved for older animals.
[Three max. – Any gender – Alpha appointment, reaching 7+ years, fights (only for wolves under 7.)]

Lotas make up the hunting elite of the pack, although there might be more skilled animals within the pack higher up, Theta and Epsilon tend to be for old wolves who can no longer hunt and the hierarchy have other duties within pack lands to attend to. Wolves in the Iota rank are usually too young to become a Theta or an Epsilon, and are not yet strong enough to take on the pack’s elite upper levels for rank, but are old enough and experienced enough to handle themselves well. Iota wolves are usually divided between hunting and scouting parties because they are experienced enough to know the land well, but still young enough to be able to run, hunt and fight, if need be.
[Three max. – Any gender – Alpha appointment, 6+ years, fights (only for wolves under 6.)]

A little higher in rank than the average pack member. Kappas are around four or five years of age, but are still lacking what is needed in an Iota. Kappas usually do most of the scouting and border patrols, though they often aid in Yearling care and education them social structure/behavior and other skills needed to be intergraded into the pack come their second year. Kappas need to be tough and dominant, to help keep the unruly yearlings in line. But patience and some degree of playfulness aid in the long and difficult process of handling Yearlings. Kappas tend to get along together well as their scouting duties keep them away from most of the pack for days or even weeks at a time.
[Four max. – Any gender – Alpha appointment, fights.]

Although the rank of Sigma may seem low, it’s the average pack wolf and makes up the vast majority of the pack. Sigmas do most of the hunting under the guidance of a Theta or the Gamma, even the Betas or the Alpha. When they’re not hunting, forget other duties and more work! They get to play! Nice trade, huh? Though Sigmas are expected to help control Yearlings while the Kappas are out.
[Limitless – Any gender – Upon entry, becoming two, general pack.]

The dreaded Yearlings. Rambunctious, curious, troublesome balls of fur, the problem is, they’ve been unleashed from the den. Yearlings are pups that have reached their first birthday, but are not yet adults, in other words, they’re adolescents. Upon becoming Taus, they are introduced to pack life and a lot of that babying they got while they were little goes out the window. The Thetas, Kappas, and Sigmas begin to teach you how to hunt, about the pack lands and you place within the pack, and for the first time, you can wander the territory without mother, but usually count on other pack members watching you.
[Limitless – Any gender – Under two, over one.]

Upsilons are usually less-dominant than other wolves, but have managed to keep themselves from sinking to the level of Omega. They usually are very passive, gentle animals who try to avoid fights, which is why they got pushed down in the first place. The Upsilons are the pup-sitters who watch the cubs while most of the pack is out hunting, they usually are the aids in nursing, playing and caring for the pups if the mother is busy or needs a break, though other pack members can help.
[Two max. – Any gender – Placement determined through dominance; gets pushed down to the bottom.]

The lowest rank in the wolf pack and the most submissive wolf. They eat last and are smaller and weaker than the other wolves; usually very skittish. They often assist is watching the pups and play with them.
[One – Any gender – Placement determined through dominance; gets pushed down to the bottom.]

The pack’s cubs from birth to their first birthday. Pups are too young to hunt effectively and rely of their parents and other pack members for food, milk at first, then regurgitated meat. They are higher rank then the Beta until their first birthday.
[Limitless – Any gender – Born into pack, adopted; under one year old]

Wolf ranking system (How to get there)

Basically, You have to be dominant to get to the rank you want. Unless your a pup. If you are pup then it best you assert your role before your first birthday.

Leader and Ledrene (The How together  pale)

As I will explain, If your a female wolf, from the nearing end of winter to spring... you will come into heat. (Heat: makes you want pups(I wont explain the rest) This makes you more aggresive to other females, ALL
wolves get this apart from males. Male leaders have to be on guard only Beta's, Gammers and epsilons can challenge for this position. The main Alpha male fight will take place BEFORE the female fights... When the Leader and Ledrene restore their position thay leave the pack to mate. (You do not actually describe the mating, just say EGSAMPLE: Lura stood waiting, her fur bristeled and Kippa lowered in submission, She looked to Klimpt who began to stand and take her to the forests, their wolf law will continue...


If your a Lone wolf then tough... you have either been kicked out the pack or  left to find a mate to start a pack of your own, or your ill and have been left behind. To get in the pack you must show respect to an Alpha submit etc, but sometimes irl The alpha will kill you, seeing you as a potential threat, it can take up to three days to get into a pack, the worst is 30 days.

Submission and dominant poses (use this to help when RPing)

Most dominant, shows aggresion and self confidence. e.g His tail was high as he stood over the omega.
Straight tail, showing your wolf as a certain threat. e.g His tail straightened as he growled.
Apposing Attitude of dominance (with sideways brushing) e.g His tail flew up as he snarled at Higa .
No threatening or submission, relaxed position. e.g her tail relaxed.
Not-Entirly-Certain threat, could be unsure. E,g Her tail end flicked as the loner neared.
Normal Attitude (usally expressed while eating or observing).
Depressed mood. e.g his tail hung as he sadly walked by.
Between Threat and Defense.
Activly putting oneself down (sideways brushing).
Submission (being told off or knowing something bad).
Strong Restraint (submission).

Facial Expressions:

This is usally the expresion that is used when a wolf feels threatened and/or is afraid. With its ears pulled back and bareing its teeth.

This expression is usally shown towards mistaking Subordinates, or if another wolf has entered the territory (The alpha is usally the one to kick the introuder out). With its ears pulled forward and bareing its teeth, is showing aggresion.

calm and relaxed, ears pricked and gentle.

Submissive- ears back, lookink to ground, low posture and wide witty eyes

Fur Very Happy
A wolf's colour of fur can range from, pure black, red, brown, gray, white, silver, or a mixture of all or some of these colours.

Play between adult wolves and pups helps them learn ways of fighting, even if it is just play. It inriches thier minds, and keeps them active, as well as in high spirits.
Play is an activity often observed within a pack.

Courting and mating

Wolves who decide to mate, will go through what is called a 'courting period.' This will normally last for a day before the pair actaully mate. Mateing/breeding season for wolves usally occurs within the time period of late winter and early spring.
Breeding season for wolves takes place at any time in the winter months of January to April, but usally in February or March. The mother is pregnante for 9 weeks. Then she gives birth.
DONT post about you mating...  Suspect

Wolf language

Nuzzles or Nuzzling: This expression/action is used when greeting others, or as a submissive act towards a higher ranking wolf.
Licking: Is an action used while greeting as well, and as a submissive posture. Normally lower ranking wolves will lick up at the higher ranking wolf under their chin, or on there muzzle.
Ears: Are very important to a wolf's survival. They use there fantastic sense of hearing to hunt down prey, listen for danger, etc. They can hear up to many miles away.
Teeth: There larg K9's extend up to 2 inches in length. They have a total of 4 K9's. Two in front and two on the bottom. These are used to ripe through tough hide and raw flesh. With their molars, they can crush the thigh bone of a moose.
Muzzle: They use there muzzle mostly to howl.
Paws: With there paws, they can run swiftly and easily on the top of the snow. They have webbed like feet that spread as they run/walk over the snow.
Nose: They can sence/smell prey from one to a half mile away. They use the wind as well, to let them know where prey is.
Submission: This gesture is one of friendliness, harmony, and the most expressed. This is a displayment of the lower ranking wolves within the pack. To show the wolf knows his/hers place and rank within the pack. A wolf showing submission will normally display, ears pinned back licking up at the dominate wolfs chin/muzzle, tail tucked or held low, head held lower then the dominate, and maybe a slight whimper ((An example of submission can be seen in the picture ABOVE)).
Passive Submission: This gesture is displayed, as well as performed, by a higher ranking wolf ((i.e. the Alpha or Beta)) showing authority upon or to a lower ranking subordinate wolf. This is to show the higher ranking wolf that he/she knows his/her place within the pack. A wolf will normally display "passive submission" by rolling on his/her back showing their underside, tail tucked inbetween his/her legs, with ears pinned back ((explained again later in this paragraph)). This is for more EXREME cases of submission. This type of submission doesn't happen often within a wolf pack, because there is alot of bonds and understanding between the members of the pack. A wolf displaying PASSIVE SUBMISSION, will immeditaly move onto their back showing their underside, tuck their tail inbetween his/her legs, ears pinned back, and neck revieled to the more dominate wolf ((normally an Alpha)). The reason why the subordinate shows their neck, is the more dominate wolf can chose wheather or not to attack, or accept the submission.

Wolves eat pretty much anything, yes if they are starving they will retort to berries and grass, though cannot live on this diet. If you are hunting an a red dear or Elk:
1) there has to be 5 or more of you
2) you have to pick the weakest elk
3) some times wolves chase an elk for up to thirty miles until it is too weak
4) wolves take advantage
( it is a rule that is you are attacking another user, that if they are surrounded they will have to give up their lives unless they somehow escape)

Other dear, such as Monk jack or roe deer have a more possible chance to get away.

Wolf Law and Gods

Wolf law rules ( a pack MUST follow)
1) the Leader and Ledrene must produce pups
2) Territories should be established
3) lower ranks should not commit adultery (mate with outsider wolves)
4) You must be strong and fight with your life for your pack.

The Alpha Gods are called:
Iki -the main wolf god (male)
Sarruki- the main FEMALE wolf god
Solaris- the sun wolf (brings the sun up)
Lunaris- The moon bringer (brings the moon up)
((Solaris and Lunaris are the young of Sarruki and Iki))
Luonal- Peace bringer (brings peace) Omega's mainly worship
Fuhrer- Evil wolf god, wolves damn him

It is a wolf law to never name a pup after any wolf god.
It is a wolf law to howl to the moon when full, this is to bond and worship the wolf gods
It is a wolf law to never curse a wolf god
It is a wolf law to kill or attack when the leader orders you, whether you think it right or wrong

Unless I miss something thats it on wolves...


There are only 3 species you can have:

reeves Muntjac
- Doe(female) - stag (male)-herd
Perhaps the smallest deer, but fast and stealthy- live in small "family" herds though sometimes live in pairs.

Recognition: A small, hump-backed deer (about the size of a small dog, a bit larger than a fox), with a small tail and not much of a white “target” as with sika or fallow deer. Ginger pelage with dark stripes on the face. The males have short slightly hooked antlers born on long pedicels, sloping strongly backwards.  A more unusual feature of the males is that they have long protruding canines.

Head/body length: 77-91 cm; Tail length: 13-18 cm; Shoulder height 45-52 cm.

Weight: males 12-17 kg; females 10-16 kg.

Lifespan: Potentially long lived; up to 16 years for a male in captivity and female >20 years. In the wild this tends to be 10 years for a male and 13 years for a female.

Diet: They feed on shoots of shrubs, woodland herbs and garden plants, but bramble and raspberry are their most important foods.

Red deer

Doe and stag/buck
in winter when grass cannot be found, red dear retort to bark, this kills trees.
they eat almost any shrub. and live in  herds of any number or size.
Hunted in winter- mainly bucks


-typical Hind (female elk) calf (baby elk) Stag (male dear)
The elk are mainly on the grassy plains, they use their powerful legs to dig away snow to get at grass.
Main food for the wolves though strongest species of deer available.

Being prey is just... UGH!!!

Unfortunatly here is the thing, you have the chance to be killed...
Muntjak--> fast--> normally a lone wolf would attack--->High chance of getting away, although when running they run at break neck speed and literally can break their negs and legs easily.

Red dear--> Moderately fast and moderately strong---> can take 2-4 wolves to bring down a strong stag and 2-3 wolves for a strong doe--> faster then elk though can live in the mountains and the plains.

Elk---> favourite wolf pack prey ---> 5-10 wolves tending on strength---> Not very fast, high stamina, very strong---> main wolf prey.

If you are a Muntjak you are aloud to out run a wolf, though you cannot out run forever... its not fair.
If you are a Red dear and are cornered by at least 3-4 wolves, your character stands the chance of dying
If you are a Elk and you are an experienced stag you can get away, a calf will die by two wolves a Doe/hind by four and a Stag by 7-10. You can out run if you spot the wolf. I am sorry but its a realistic animal RPG if a wolf is attacking it happens, its a game, make a new character, If I think something is unfair only I or LS have the rank to drop it.

ALL the deer can speak the same language (so an elk can speak to a muntjak etc)
Deer & elk call oher animals Lera
Deer are killed by wolves


Only Bull,buck or stags ( male) deer fight for females. Users can have a bull and a female. but the in the rutt the animals don't kill each other, they fight until the other can fight no longer, sometimes the loser can be fatally injured, wolves hang around when tis happens. Muntjak mate  and rutt all year round and pair up.
Elk an red dear stay in herds an rutt in late winter and early spring.  
A user has to decuide who will win, it HAS to be fair. No user is better but their is a winner and loser, you are expected to make a sacrifice, it adds interest and such users ear respect and are likly to step up...
After the winner chooses a hind, they pair up and mate (YOU WILL NOT RP THE ACTUAL MATING)
the female gives birth somewhere in the spring, NEARLY ALL WILL HAVE A CALF.

Elk gods

Bandache- a massive deer with trees as antlers he is the life bringer
Rannoch - A protector of the earth
Scorla- a herd of evil dear said to bring night mares under the rule of...
Scor- An evil leader causes weakness and illness.

1) The strong must live and the weak must fall
2) The calves are the future
3) All Doe must produce at least five calves to graze in the meadows of Bandache (sacred meadows/ heaven)
4) Stags must  protect the Doe and young
5) Only the strong mate
5) there is one lord of the herd
6) Until a new... the Lords words are your commands.
7) when mennon come when leaves fall the Stags must sacrifice their lives to drive the mennon away from the main herd (mennon are the Deer word for human)
8)Mennon are greater, a dear must never kill a mennon.

all deer follow the same rules...

and Horses.

You can have wild horses or tame horses.

Horse colours

Some breeds cannot have a certain colour. E.G Thoroughbreds cannot be skewbold, the are normally solid colours, mainly chesnut or bay. A white horse is not white... the fur is white but the actual skin is not, its grey
so we call white horses grey. But I'll let you guys off so just say white...

wild Horse breeds
I ain't going to let you be any random horse...
there will be only one breed and that is:

Mustang- The Mustang can be any colour and are a breed that is normally mixed with other breeds of horses.

Tame horses

There are two farms near and on the Outcast map. These are them:

This is the one you can see on the map. It is between Abbysclan and Cityclan, Joyless is seen in the front field before the first Blizzard. 12 horses can be in this stabled yard, any breed, sensible choice please e.g Its a livery yard so... You could find some kids ponies, cobs, thoroughbreds, or mustangs caught and tamed?

This one is on the Tawnyclan Boundary well... just off the map. only five horses are here, its quite run down Sad

The wild horses go wherever they want, THEY STAY AS A HERD, unless a stallion comes along looking for mares. Stallions will chase mares into his herd. This is how it works IRL!!! There are two Dominant horses
There is a dominent mare and a Dominant stallion, even though the stallion kicks boy horses out but not ALL the time. The dominant mare has more control then the stallion, he is just there to look out for danger.


Wolves will not go after a horse, they may scavange after a carcass but horses are too fast for wolves, and their stamina is unbeatable. Though if their is a critically weak horse... then the chances are slim.

Stallions protect the herd and increase the herd number by stealing mares of other stallions.
a stallion is a male horse that has not been castrated (had his balls removed), If he has been castrated then
he is a gelding, Tame male horses are normally Geldings, unless its a breeding horse. Mares are female horses... foals are baby horses, Fillies are female horses that are weaned (taken away from their mothers milk) and have not yet had a foal, Colts are the same although a colt is a male. If another stallion comes along to take a herd... then the two will fight, sometimes the fights are deadly sometimes their not, it depends on how ferocious a stallion is.

You can play a person who looks after your horse but you can only play them as riding etc... nothing else, they cannot be involved in much else unless you are going hunting...


You can use a TAME horse to hunt other users elk (ASK THEM IF YOU CAN KILL THEIR CHARACTERS FIRST) people do hunt while on horse back...

If you have a question, EMAIL me at:

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Hawk = To Dwellers

Funny Moon = Blood Stones

Half-Moon = Moonfall
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