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The downy tabby...

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The downy tabby...

Post by Loki on Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:00 pm

Suki padded down the lonely two-leg pathway as if it were bright and sunny. Her bright amber eyes staring ahead and downy striped tail raised high and conceited. The rain drizzled moodily, pounding upon the silver tabby's back and slight shoulders. However she carried on down the path until it turned and she followed the bend as she did everyday down the street. She couldn't read the road sign but to a two-leg whom had the ability to read; it would say: Happenham rd.
This bore no significance to the she-cat. She knew little and cared little for ever living with Two-legs, simply because they seemed stupid and heartless. Who could live like this?
Her head tilted as she observed rows upon rows of two-leg nests. Especially when the monsters destroyed the lives of many cats everyday.
Suki sometimes studied two-legs and had found that many of them live in independent groups of four or two. They would leave their abodes when the sun was about four shifts till midday and come back four shifts after. That was just an approximation as it usually differed. Even then she had watched two-legs where there were only two and their activities were limited. In the end: she concluded that it was hopeless to try and contemplate two-leg movements.
She had given up a while ago but the strange creatures still baffled and caught her curiosity.
Sometimes a two-leg would ignore her. Then other two-legs would crouch and make silly cooing noises as if trying to call her over. Stupid creatures...

(I'll continue this Razz)

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