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(CLOSED) The Sun is Shining on Darkclan

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(CLOSED) The Sun is Shining on Darkclan

Post by Longstorm on Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:50 am

Thornstar, leader of Darkclan, was creeping around his territory. Why was he creeping?
Enemies are everywhere, were his thoughts. They creep out of the woodwork, from tunnels beneath the ground, from the the very trees above us! He snarled at the unusually sunny mountain sky (this was one of the rare days where Darkclan was illuminated).
Illuminated so all can see our flaws, he snarled in his mind. He looked around, jumping and rowring at every little sound in the forest.
Thornstar sat down, coughing and retching, his eyes and nose streaming.
He looked up again and thought,
That Gathering we always have is tomorrow night... and what a night it will be! He stood and ran towards his home, blood dripping from his nose all the way.
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