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Fox Bio

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Fox Bio

Post by Guest on Sat May 12, 2012 11:44 pm

Name : Snowspliff

Gender: She-fox

Age: 7 moons

Rank: A lone fox

Alliance: An independant fox

Description: Snowspliff is a slender and lean fox with piercing smoky gray eyes. She has a sheen, pale white underbelly with a slightly creamy chest. She has pitch black 'socks' with a black striped tail with a small white splotch on the very tip. Her ears are white tipped and feathered at the top. She has slightly snaggled canines, meaning their slightly too big. Her eyes are round and have a silky appearance to them.

Personality: A spunky, mischievous fox with a big ego. She's afraid of no one and nothing. She can tend to stick her foot in her mouth from time to time but her intentions are almost always good natured.
She is a lover of other creatures but mentally and physically almost obesses over cats. Little cats, thickset cats, all cats. She finds them perfect...... to eat.
The gourmet meal of a lifetime is a kit or perhaps a Warrior, but despite her boastful attidude, she's only stolen a handful of kits away.

Quirks: There's quite a few, but Snow over here thinks she's practically flawless. Her ears are slightly crooked forwards at all times. Not by force, their just naturally like that, just the way her snaggled fangs are.

Past: Snowspliff's past isn't too interesting. She grew up with her brother Blacknote after their parents abandoned them at an old farm. Raised by instinct, they soon became territorial of each others space and just recently departed from one another. Now she stalks the woods for unlucky singled out rabbits or coyote pups.

RP Example: Snowspliff huffed boredly, pawing at her fresh-killed rabbit, water gently rolling into the deep hole she had dug on the slope into her den to catch the water as it poured rain outside.

Thanks for reading

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Re: Fox Bio

Post by Longstorm on Sun May 13, 2012 5:46 am



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