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Outlaw Daemon

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Outlaw Daemon

Post by Guest on Mon May 14, 2012 5:56 am

Name: Daemon

Gender: Male wolf

Age: 13 moons

Alliance and Rank: Lone Wolf

Description: An inky black wolf with a strongset complexion and sly blue eyes with a long, tracker's nose. A hunter by blood, he's never faced the neglection of hunger. Broad-chested and iron-willed Daemon is, the only breed he could originate from is Canadian Gray.

Personality: Quiet and smooth as silk, he's a card deck meant to only be played solitare.

RP Example: Rain sheeted onto Daemon, the air crisp and fresh, giving him life and energy to plunge through the woods at a neckbreaking pace. The trees whirred past him, Daemon evasively dancing through them with skilled ease. How rejuvinated he felt! The chill lingered on him for such time, fueling his fiery stamina. A heartfelt howl tore from his muzzle as excited tension released. Never had he felt so great.


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Re: Outlaw Daemon

Post by Loki on Mon May 14, 2012 9:28 pm

Accepted make sure you stay in the Wolfe area unless you ask for permission to enter the lowland. Welcome to the outcasts!

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