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Loki update!

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Loki update!

Post by Loki on Sat Aug 18, 2012 3:17 am

I watched:
Naruto, one piece, soul eater, Wolf's rain, blue excersist, fruit basket, black cat, Ginga nagaboshi gin, Tokyo mew mew (weirdest thing I have ever watched), full metal alchemist, bleach, shaman king, code lyoko, code grease, death note, sailor, black butler, dead,ans wonderland, blood the last vampire, princess monoke, Kiba, blood brother and some others that I never finished because they did nothing for me.

I literally just finished this:

It's about these sudden unexplained deaths and rises of the "reborn undead". These high schoolers gang up with their powers and try to stop the demons just to find their lives are aboutw to get more twisted.

It's the type of anime I love. There is a mix of different characters, they are different in their own ways etc
There is one character that you HAVE to love because he is cute, modest, badass, gentle, quiet...
There is blood, action, horror etc
Just what I love about an anime, like I said.
However the show was too short. The animation was amazing but a lot of detail was left out to quicken the show which made it far too fast paced. I loved all the characters but like Wolf's rain, Soul eater and a few other anime I have watched the ending was disappointing.
you don't get to see the climax fight, you see flash backs instead which ruined the whole point of me watching the whole fxxxxing show! ANd if AI (pronounced Ow-ey) gives another "we should save the bad guy because even though he just got some stranger to gut your surrogate parants, he's not really bad and you shouldn't take revenge and kill him", oh and her "protect all life even if it means my friends die in the process" speeches are a killer as well, but if you don't mind traipsing or skipping massive chunks after the disappointment that the bxtch had just prevented an epic battle then the anime was loads of fun.

However I am in search of some new animes to watch. Listen to my moaning:

The anime I am looking for must:
-not have any explicit sexual content.
-have boyxboy or girlxgirl pairings.
-not have lots of fluffy romance, if a character shouts "kopachiku I love you!!!!!" then I will punch someone
However I do not mind hints of a romance even if I don't like it.
-have a lead MALE character (I am not sexist I just prefer watching the other sex to my own- if you know what I mean).
-a group. There should be a team (minimum of three) people.
-blood, action and Voilence, this fuels my obsessive fangirl ness.
-a good plot and animation.
-protagonist should be teenagers maximum of 19 years old.

I would prefer:
-a plot with scary monsters that the 'group' have to stop
-emotion in the voice acting
-cute likeable characters.
-I don't like constant gore. I'd prefer main characters to be high schoolers and a tiny dab of comedy on the side.
-dramatic blood and stuff.

If you suggest an anime that I like then I will draw an ms paint picture of your cat, your oc with or without mine or a scene with your character/cat in out of sheer gratitude.
I'm very picky so suggest away, cyber cookies are also on offer.

I am also thinking of doing an anime site where a story plot is created and you join in your character.
I draw your character and then we rp, it'll come but this site will always be my baby.
I am suffering weirdness again!
Suggest away my pretties!

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Re: Loki update!

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:37 am

I only have one thing for you, and it's not really gory. Ever watch Avatar? Might not fit all your moaning, but it's... well, it's close.


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Re: Loki update!

Post by NKninja on Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:24 am

She's seen both The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra.. I know because both of us kinda had a fangirl session a while ago!

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Re: Loki update!

Post by Loki on Sun Aug 19, 2012 11:25 pm

Also I've seen Durarara & darker then black.
Both are alright but Darker then black season 2 is just... ugh.
I haven't got passed episode 5 of durarara because I found it a bit boring but...
yep, loved the first avatar, Korra was great but the ending was just thrown together and disappointing...

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Re: Loki update!

Post by Ezziestar on Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:39 pm

I bet you'd never seen Lucky star. Wink ((Worst. female. anime. ever. No joke, don't try to.)) It's super weird "Which end do you eat? The fat end or the skinny end?" O.o Literally, a quote about which end of a particular food. My Anime school group watched it and were lucky enough to only see one session. (It did get more votes than Robotech, but even Robotech wasn't that popular... instead we watched Naruto.) Unfortunately, I haven't come acorss any fe group of three protagonists for an anime... So no help there, I wish I could help though...

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Re: Loki update!

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