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(CLOSED) Indifference

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(CLOSED) Indifference

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 18, 2011 12:35 am

Woebringer, Protector of Abyssclan, and Shadesun, young warrior of Abyssclan, stood near each other - Woebringer was addressing him.
"You and your Choosing have been doing well, Shadesun." Shadesun beamed from the praise, and he ducked his head.
"Thank you, Protector." Woebringer shook his head.
"Call me Woebringer." Shadesun contained his excitement - he was a Warrior after all.
"Woebringer... Have you considered taking another Choosing yourself?" Woebringer shrugged.
"I've mentored so many of the Warriors here... I may or may not take another soon."
Shadesun nodded.
"Like..." he said, "Switch?" Woebringer shook his head again.
"Of course not - he's old enough, and trained enough, to get his Warrior name." Shadesun nodded - Woebringer continued.
"But I'd like to hear more about you, and maybe your Choosing... Fire, yes?"
Shadesun nodded. He couldn't believe it: the Protector was interested in him and his Choosing!
"Let's talk over some prey, hmm?" (Woebringer said). Shadesun nodded and followed him.

Little did he know that Woebringer was doing this to anger Sinface, his own son.


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