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11th Newsletter

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11th Newsletter

Post by Longstorm on Fri Oct 19, 2012 11:52 pm

Hello once again audience! My name is LONGSTORM and I've been on YouTube a lot for the past six hours! What a Face What a Face What a Face

We're here to tell you what's what and what's not what and what's up and not, if you get my meaning.

Let's get started!


Closing Boards

Because some boards or the animals or Groups are never or rarely RPed in, many boards will be shut down until they're wanted again (with a strong RPing base, that is.)

Here's list!

Boards With Changed Permissions

Help Board's Main Plots Everyone can post their suggestions!


Legitimately Deleted Boards

DarkClan's Leader's Den and Gray Rock.

AbyssClan's Leader's Den and Black Rock

StarClan's Marshlands, The Island, and Oak Forest deleted for historical accuracies.

Moonfall's Outside or Going To (all topics moved to Moonfall)

Nearby Loner/Rogue Territories' Grasslands (since we have No Clan's Land) all topics moved to No-Clan's Land.


Shut Down Boards

The City's Abandoned Two-Leg Tall Nest (former home of the League)

The City's Greenleaf Two-Leg Place.

Outer Territories's Moki's Farm.

Barren Land's The Tribes.

Barren Land's Kingdom of the Rats

Distant Land's-To the West's-The Lowland's Deer Herd


Moved Boards

StarClan's Fourtrees moved to the Those Above board in The Night Sky for historical accuracy.

StarClan's The Moors called (but not renamed) Paradise of the Goddess for Dweller Cult purposes, moved to
Skies of No Stars board, could be moved elsewhere.

Main Plotlines moved from Help Board to Roleplay Resources



Non-RPable Animals and Groups

These animals and groups were RPable, but due to inactivity they are no more.


The Tribe of Raining Dust

The Tribe of Burning Streams





NOTE: If anyone disagrees with any of the above, PM me with what it is, and we'll all discuss it in a topic together.


I will be working on putting up more 'Closed Topic' boards so the non-Clan boards can be cleaned up and made shiny for new topics!

--- the way, did anyone else know we had a quiz board? That's sort of cool, we should do something with that or something like know.
But not now. Soon, though.


Remember that one Update about Daystar? No? Here it is again.

"Here's what's happened to his characters.
Swiftwind, Strikefast and Brackenkit of TawnyClan died in the fires.
Someone needs to take Blazefall, deputy of RoseClan...maybe this cat will die in the battle or something.
Birdhop of DewClan, as ever, is up for adoption.
I'm presuming Falconwing of SearClan is dead.
I'll RP the leader Daystar until his untimely death.

As for Tira... well, someone ought to take her."


As for the Main Plot:

DarkClan is heading for the BloodStones! Their travels will coincide with DewClan's and TawnyClan's journeys, so that's working out well.
MoonClan and the Questers will be home SOON, goddammnit, and there they will reveal their knowledge of the tunnel system that now belongs to AbyssClan. This knowledge will be the turning point in the upcoming battle...which we ought to get to...yeah.



And as for Clan news in general? There hasn't been any major updates, therefore the 10th Newsletter is still very relavent. Check it out! It'll be insightful.


Number of Posts:

Over 12,000! What a Face

New Members:

Welcome!: Scaftypepper, mossdawn and Augsp! So glad you'll be RPing with us!


Thanks for reading! Sorry this newsletter is more helter-skelter than usually and INSANELY overdue. I'm going to try to get back to a good routine! sunny

Love you all! sunny jocolor flower I love you

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Funny Moon = Blood Stones

Half-Moon = Moonfall
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Re: 11th Newsletter

Post by Loki on Mon Oct 22, 2012 2:09 am

Nice, Longstorm though I have been RPing Swiftwind and Strikefast for a long time, since and before he left...

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Re: 11th Newsletter

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:37 pm

I can RP as Birdhop, maybe? :3


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Re: 11th Newsletter

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