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Cloverkit,Sagekit, and Snowkit

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Cloverkit,Sagekit, and Snowkit

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:30 am

Name: Cloverkit/Cloverpaw/Clovertail
Age: almost a moon
Gender: tom

Alliance: Tawneyclan

Rank: Kit.

Appearance: Cloverkit looks just like his mother. Here's a link to his pic:

Personality: Cloverkit is a natural leader. He acts as if he is older than wh he really is, and often corrects his littermates as well as the other kits. Some kits find hima little annoying, but they always tend to play along. Thatis because though he attains a slight bossyish personality, he can be bright, foolish and springy at times. Because of those clashing personalitites he is likely to do sth foolish such as leading the kits for an adventure.

History: Cloverkit was born between Mosscloud and (LOOKING FOR MATE!!), and was the first kit of their three lively young kits. He was born on the border of denial and though his childhood was not very proper unlike other cats, he still manages well.


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Post by Guest on Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:38 am

Name: Sagekit/Sagepaw/Sageflower
Age: almost a moon/i]
Gender: [i] she-cat

Alliance: Tawneyclan

Rank: kit

the one in the back with the stripes is Sagekit.

Personality: Like her mother, Sagekit is very dashing and springy. ut unlike Cloverkit she attains no persoalities fit for leadership, but rather much more for a clanmate. SHe is very nice to her friends but she can be very touchy at time. Those times it is best to eave her by a good firend or perferably by hersle. but most of the time she is a great friend or mate.

History: Sage kit was born between Mosscloud and (LOOKING FOR MATE) as their second kit. She leads a normal life(isf the situation CAN be called normal) with her fellow kits and flourishes happily. She is developing a crush on Hailkit.


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Post by Guest on Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:46 am

Name: Snowkit/Snowpaw/Snowtail
Age: Almost a month
Gender: tom

Alliance: Tawneyclan

Rank: kit.

Appearance: look at the link in Sagekit's app, it is the cat in the front with a lighter pelt.

Personality: Snowkit is very quiet but intellectual. He never speaks up much but listens to the others, Usually you will only hear him speak if you ask him a question or if he needs to yowl some outburst. He plans things well so he could be a great warrior, excepting the fact that he never speaks much and keeps his opinions to himself.

History: Snowkit was born as she third and last kit of Mosscloud and (LOOKING FOR MATE). He manages well but he has (unintentionally) offended people with his quiet manner.

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Re: Cloverkit,Sagekit, and Snowkit

Post by Ezziestar on Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:31 pm

I don't see any harm in accepting the kits. Smile Just be wary with the whole plot appearing to become more and more intense. Anyway, have fun! Razz

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Re: Cloverkit,Sagekit, and Snowkit

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