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Post by Longstorm on Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:09 pm

Blueblossom, stocky, pretty white queen of DarkClan, was almost invisible in the blinding snow.
"GARNETHEART," she yowled against the howling wind. "GARNETHEART! COME BACK!" She had been walking for nearly a while and she knew she couldn't go much further. If she went too far during the blizzard, she'd never be able to find the Shell before she froze.
It was no use. The tom wasn't anywhere to be seen. It wasn't as if Blueblossom could really see anyways or catch a scent of Garnetheart in this weather. What with how long Garnetheart had been gone, how far he must have gone, and how long the blizzard had been present, Blueblossom knew it was unlikely that they'd ever see Garnetheart again.
How do I tell the kits that their mother and father are dead... The white she-cat shook her head, feeling depressed.
"StarClan rest his soul," she cried. She turned and ran back in the direction she had come.

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