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DEAD Wolfheart

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DEAD Wolfheart

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 06, 2013 7:21 am

Name: Wolfheart
Age: 12 Moons and 8 days
Gender: She-cat

Alliance: SearClan
Rank: Warrior

Appearance: Brownish gray with green eyes, barely distinguishable dark grey stripes

Personality: Bold, Clever, stubborn, friendly

History: Wolfheart has a brother, Foxclaw who dropped his warrior name and became a loner when his mate and kits were killed by a fox, her father was killed by a enemy Clan warrior and her mother still lives on in another Clan. Wolfheart used to have a mate, but she left him when she found out how cruel he was. She dosen't regret leaving him, nor does she miss him.

RP Example: Wolfpaw sat in the center of the sandy clearing, the hot sun blazing down on her and her brother, Foxpaw as their parents stood to the edge of the clearing, both gazing at the littermates proudly. Dawnstar, the Clan leader finished the ritual by naming the siblings Wolfheart and Foxclaw. Wolfheart. I am Wolfheart. she thought proudly, then trew her head back to yowl her brothers and her new name to the heavens, while the Clan looked on at the two new warriors, pride and happiness lighting their warm gazes.

[/b]Other:[b] I know I said I would join as Jayfeather, but I decided to name my character Wolfheart. It's WhiteAngelWolf1 from DeviantArt by the way


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Re: DEAD Wolfheart

Post by NKninja on Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:17 am

Dev: NinjaKaosu here, And Wolfheart you are! Luckily the name hasn't been snooped away from you!
Okay Jay, or Wolfie.. (Message me about changing your Username if you like) Welcome to Searclan.

I'm so happy dA users say their name on other sites for me, it helps so much Smile

WAZZAP!!!! I'm NK or whatever you call me.
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