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Post by Guest on Thu Feb 07, 2013 9:25 pm

Name: Ravenflight(paw/kit)
Age: 7 moons
Gender: She-cat
Alliance: Tawnyclan
Rank: Whatever rank the clan needs

Appearance: Thick black but short undercoat fur with blurry white splotches all over her body (kinda looks like a snowy pelt) white tipped ears with long fur coming up at the tips like a lynx. Large deep blue eyes. White front right paw and white tip of tail. Tail is long and had medium length fur. Long strong legs, slender body build, small sharp claws and teeth.

Personality: Has a perky and mischievous personality. Likes to be happy and positive. Has a good temper but once she's mad, she's mad. Enjoys being nice, easily trusting and very innocent. Loves her clanmates and clan but fears conflict and fighting. Outgoing and happygolucky. Acts like there is never anything wrong. Very curious and always wanting to help. Often tries to take matters into her own paws. Likes to be around other cats but often thinks a lot while alone. Her heroic and brave personality is put down by her fear of conflict and overall weak fighting skills(but is very fast and smart. Doubts her flighting abilities but gets by because of her smart, quick thinking and mischievous loopholes in any and every situation. Often develops her own fighting moves and techniques that work better than anything she'd been taught as a warrior.

History: Ravenflight was raised in a safe and unknowing environment as a kit and apprentice of Tawnyclan(or whatever). Never payed attention to the bad things that went wrong around her as a young kit and thus believes none of it exists(tries to at least) to this day she is still young warrior/apprentice of Tawnyclan, and as she learns more of the conflict, she grows more frightened and determined to help.

RP Example:

The autumn leaves crackled as Ravenflight moved through the ever darkening forest floor. The sun was setting and she would be due back at camp soon, but she could not stop now. The strong scent of squirrel filled her nostrils as she quietly stalked past tree after tree. Moving her head up in a flash, her ears flicked to the sound of the rustle of a nearby bush. A plump squirrel hoped out from the brush and moved forward to grab a fallen nut. Ravenflight pressed herself to the ground, moving her haunches from side to side. She inched closer in the shadows and prepared herself to attack. With a swift pounce and a flick of her unsheathed claw, the squirrel laid dead on the ground, its neck snapped. Gathering up her prey she turned with the squirrel in her jaws and continued back to camp.

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Re: Ravenflight

Post by Ezziestar on Fri Feb 08, 2013 3:40 am

Sounds good to me. Very Happy

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Re: Ravenflight

Post by NKninja on Fri Feb 08, 2013 6:01 am

I would suggest having her an Apprentice, since the age of her, and the idea of her learning about conflicts around. That and we have only.. Umm.. 3 Apprentices was the last time I saw, Including my cat Fiddlerpaw. They would get along strangely.

APPROVED, also seems to be by Ezzie, Win win!

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Re: Ravenflight

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