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Rainheart of Dewclan

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Rainheart of Dewclan

Post by NKninja on Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:05 pm

If this character doesn't find an owner, she will be deleted for inactivity.

Name: Rainheart
Age: 3 summers
Gender: she-cat

Alliance: DewClan

Rank: Warrior

She is ash-gray with dark stripes running down her snow-white belly. Has a tiny scar on her left shoulder that is shaped like a crescent. Glassy emerald eyes.

She is very loyal (when made friends), brave, kind, and true; sweet to her friends, but cold and cautious around foes. Though small in size, she makes it up for her courage and cheerfulness. Occasionally, she will do rash things but will always repent of it later (example: going into a shortcut that actually becomes a long cut)

Because she was the runt and the smallest of the litter, her housefolks gave her away before she was properly weaned. Given to a nice couple who lives in a cream-colored house, she grew discontent with the sheltered life of a house cat. So one day, when her housefolks were away, she escaped, and found the Clans. Hanging around each of the Clans, she finally decided to pledge her life to DewClan.

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Re: Rainheart of Dewclan

Post by Longstorm on Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:04 am

Not necessarily - when in the Adoption Boards, a character basically does not exist until he/she is adopted. So no worries.

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