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Post by Guest on Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:09 am

Name: Frostpaw
Age: 6 moons old, born in late summer, early fall.
Gender: She-cat

Alliance: Tawnyclan

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Smokey colored with white markings around her face- mostly nose. Has a lot of fluff/long-haired. Dark blue eyes.

Personality: Frostpaw wants to be the best. Absolute best of the best. Ever since she has joined the clans, she has wanted to become a leader. She aspires to them and thinks they are flat out awesome! An ambitious cat, Frostpaw does whatever she can to get ahead. She'd suck up to anyone if it meant her getting to become an apprentice earlier. (Which, mind you, didn't happen, much to her disapproval.) She has a feisty personality- still naive and thinking she is better than anyone and everyone. She's a new apprentice, and is so eager to learn she often can't contain it. While she finds the elder duties gross, she isn't going to complain too much about them. When it comes to friends, she can be the loudest cat in the world- cheering over nothing and being an overall nuisance in serious situations. Then again, she will listen if it's bad. If a friend is in need, she will be a nosy kitten and will try her best(and fail) to help them out. Frostpaw has sworn that if she ever 'meets one of those mouse-brained bad guys' on the battle field, she will 'rip their silly throats out'. Then again, she's mostly talk and no bite. Her fur and overall look displease her greatly. She feels as if she does not meet Tawnyclan standards, and it hurts her a lot. She feels insecure and wants to be liked by the clan, at the very least. Despite all 'loud' adjectives used to describe her, she can be a respectful and quiet cat. She enjoys all stories told by elders, and respects everyone who deserves it. She has a healthy belief in Starclan. She won't force anything on anyone, and aims to reach the top fair and square. Frostpaw is still young, but she dwells on the fact that, one day, she'll hear the clan shout 'Froststar'.

History: Born to an ex-kittypet mother, Frostpaw was accepted into the clan when she was young. Originally 'Frost'(named for her white markings on her face), she was eager to join in and has loved every day of her life as a clan member. She doesn't remember her mother, nor her father, and is frankly quite okay with that. She believes that they might be dead, and in Starclan. That fact alone drives her forward to becoming the best warrior she can be, so that one day she can be a leader to the clan and finally speak with Starclan and meet her family.

RP Example: Come on, come on... The apprentice thought to herself, her own chosen voice echoing in her head the same thing. Hunting. What a boring task. Keep your tail low, keep quiet, and don't let it get away. It's all just a... waiting game! Frostpaw pounced at the animal with heavy paws. She perked her grey ears up at what she caught. Something felt hard and cold in her paws-- could it be?? She caught a...!
A rock. Letting out a mewl of distress, the she-cat muttered profanities at herself. Frostpaw was a new apprentice, but if you're aiming for the best, you have to be the best. This just wouldn't do. She must have to... pace around. Jump over there, hit that tree, slam her tail against that bush. Throw a fit over how a little, pathetic animal ran from her paws. Ran and hid like the useless rodent it is.
She cursed herself again. That was the food Starclan blessed us with...
Honestly, she didn't care. She wouldn't be allowed to eat until she caught something. She wouldn't even let herself. Back to square one: look for prey.

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Re: Frostpaw

Post by NKninja on Thu Mar 21, 2013 1:51 am

Decent character you got there.
If Ezzie or Loki don't accept this after a few days, I'll be glad to approve it.

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Re: Frostpaw

Post by Ezziestar on Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:21 am

XD Sorry for my absence, approved!

Do you know where Tawnyclan are at the moment?

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Re: Frostpaw

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