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(Please remember this is unfinished, so I'm sorry if you get annoyed. I will add to it whenever possible, and that will be a lot. ;D)

Flame padded forcefully through the frigid snowstorm. Hail and sharp clumps of frozen sleet was slicing at her pelt; but she she felt anything but cold. Burning anger and acrimony was raging inside of her. She was marching through the snow but she felt nowhere near proud. She felt abandoned, alone. She never wanted to gaze into the blue and jade eyes of her mother and father again.


One warm, refreshing Autumn morning, a small kit was born. Her meow was savouring and just plain adorable, just as her face was.
"What shall we name her?" a golden tabby purred. Her coat shimmered beautifully in the morning sunshine.
"Something to do with a blaze; a fiery Autumn name." another cat replied. His fur was a fresh shade of oak, and his eyes were as keen as a hawk.
"I love your wide span of knowledge, Oakpelt. We shall call her Flame."
The small kit seemed to mew in approval. She liked her new name, and she moved her small paw to her mother's.

A moon had now passed since Flame was born. She could now see, walk and run. She wanted to learn how to hunt by herself.
"Please, father! I want to learn!" she meowed impatiently, following her dad around in their den.
An annoyed sigh slipped from Oakpelt's muzzle.
"Flame..." he muttered disappointedly.
"Dad, please..." Flame continued, she was very keen.
Oakpelt looked away in displease. He trudged off in search of Flame's mother.
He wanted to talk.

"Eaglesong. We need to talk." Oakpelt muttered as he strode into a small cove in the cave where Eaglesong was resting.
"About what, darling?" Eaglesong replied sweetly.
"About Flame..." Oakpelt replied, lowering his voice.
"I... I am not fond of her. She is too impatient and asks for too much--"
Eaglesong's expression changed to seeing red. She was very upset by Oakpelt's comments on her kit.
"Well I never!" She spat, bearing her fangs. "After all this, you hate your own kit you PROMISED to forever cherish?!"
Eaglesong was a very calm cat. It took a lot to rage her, and even more for her to show her teeth.
"I... I didn't mean it that way!!" Oakpelt yowled back. He didn't want to upset Eaglesog anymore than she already was.
"I only meant... She is too vain... She-"
" Eaglesong hissed, cutting off Oakpelt and standing up from her laying position.
She was now very upset. Surprised, shocked, and upset.
"You say such lunacy about our own child... Such a father YOU are!!"

Flame had been listening from the very first time they mentioned her name. She felt like running away and crying into her young, soft paws forever.

"Is there ANYTHING else you would like to share with me!?" her mother snarled, slightly calming down her tone.
"I... I have nothing else to say other than what I remarked before." Oakpelt hissed back. And then he did the unexpected.

He lunged at Eaglesong, fangs out. A thunder-like growl rumbled from his throat as his talons dug deep into his new enemy's skin.

A brutal yowl rocketed out of Eaglesong's mouth. Her eyes were shocked with pain, horror and surprise - but Oakpelt's were bloodthirsty and sinister.
She couldn't fight back. She was pinned to the ground by heavy paws and she could only stare in animosity as he pierced her skin and changed her fur from gold to crimson. Sadistic and monotonous laughs echoed off the cave walls as Flame cringed at the sight of blood coming from her own mother.
As the blood seeped out of her skin, Flame's mother choked up a crimson-riddled hairball beside her worn face. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her kit's horrified, emotionally-scared face. She reached her paw towards her but she couldn't move the rest of her build. Oakpelt payed absolutely no attention to Eaglesong's feeble signs and started to lick the blood out of her fur. But not because he cared. Because he had turned into a bloodthirsty corruption that had no hopes or dreams but to kill. He had followed in the ugly pawsteps of his older cousin, Bloodclaw.

Flame could take no more of it. She left with heavy tears drowning her eyes. She fled on an incredibly terrible note, and she wanted to leave the terrible moment behind her. But no-one in the universe would be able to unsee what she had just witnessed.

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