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Darkclan Allegiances

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Darkclan Allegiances

Post by Longstorm on Tue Jan 18, 2011 3:59 am


Number of Cats: 31

Leader: Thornstar, large tom with dark-gray fur with a silver tip to his tail and a large scar on his front right foot.

Deputy: Redfall, black/red tom with a split lip.

Healer: Silverfur, smaller tan tom with gray splotches and amber eyes.
Apprentice, Mistpaw

Warriors: Toms and she-cats who're protectors and providers of Darkclan.

Longflight, Long-furred cream colored tom with green eyes

Sleetcoat, dingy white-coated tom with gray eyes

Robinsong, light brown she-cat with blue eyes, daughter of Thornstar
Apprentice, Blackpaw

Jaycall, large dark gray tom with blue eyes, son of Thornstar

Frostshine, Black cat with white tips on ears and tail and gray eyes.

Sunmist, white-with-ginger-flecks she-cat with amber eyes

Gorseclaw, beige coated tom with amber eyes

Soulflame, orange tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Smokepelt, gray tom with darker stripes

Rainfoot, big tom with ragged gray-and-white fur and blue eyes - gray paws

Foxclaw, orange-and-white tabby tom with amber eyes

Queens: She-cat warriors either expecting or nursing kits. NONE.

Blueblossom, white she-cat with a pink nose and blue eyes, expecting Thornstar's kits

Skyecho, calico she-cat with green eyes, mother to Longflight's kits (Echokit, calico tom with green eyes, Flightkit, dark gray tom with blue eyes, Screechkit, long-furred orange tabby tom with green eyes, Fallkit, cream-colored tom with green eyes, Leafkit, tortie she-kit with green eyes)

Apprentices: Cats who have reached 6 moons training to be warriors or Medicine Cat.

Mistpaw, light gray she-cat with green eyes, healer apprentice

Blackpaw, black tom with amber eyes

Flowerpaw, black she-cat with white paws, bushy white-tip tail and deep green eyes

Goldpaw, orange tabby tom with amber eyes

Silverpaw, solid gray she-cat with blue eyes

Bronzepaw, brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Shadepaw, small dark gray, almost black, she-cat with dark blue eyes, a light gray chest, and a light gray-tipped tail.

Elders: Warriors or Queens now retired. NONE.
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