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Hey guys... :)

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Hey guys... :)

Post by Ezziestar on Thu May 02, 2013 3:11 pm

Hey, It's Ezzie here with an explanation of why I have been absent.

To sum it up... "Assignments". XD No really... the past week or so has been filled with trying to catch up after a week away, struggling with one subject and assignment work. I only have 4 more weeks of this semester before exams, and to tell you something... I'm concerned.
The subjects I'm currently doing are: Introduction to Mulitmedia, Programming, Networking, Operating Systems and Communication Technology.

Multimedia is alright. I learn about... well... multimedia.
I learned how to use flash, windows movie maker, audacity and the combination of them. We are learning about hyperlinks, hypertext and hypermedia, we learned about sound, text, video, photos, photographic manipulation and more fun stuff... Though it isn't my strongest subject... turns out my lecturer is a hard marker.

Programming is awesome! Very Happy I have learned how to program a simple program using the Python language, I think next year I learn Java, then C++
We learned about strings, integers, floats, converting between them, definite loops (For loops), while loops (indefinite loops), Boovian (the concept of True/False interpretation) and algorithms. I have currently learned how to make a simple program work in python. XD

Networks and OS: One of the most difficult subjects I have ever undertaken in the history of my schooling. D:
We learn about basic and more advanced commands in Ubuntu (Linux OS) and XP. I learned about number systems and conversions between them, (E.g. Octal to Binary... there's four possible number systems) And we learned networking things such as what the DNS server does etc. (Though I still don't know DX) Unfortunatley, I failed our most recent assignment... a lecture test. I got 6.15 out of 15... I needed at least 7.5 to pass.

And then there's Communication Technology: We learn about communicating... with... technology I guess. XD
We learned about powerpoint, Dropbox, Word and other things like that, we learned about plagiarism and how to paraphrase text so that we don't plagiarize another authors work, also how to reference their work too. (Some say this subject is pretty much year 10 english)

Yup, now you guys know what I do at uni... I work Monday to Thursday this semester, on the Wednesday, I study for a straight 8 hours... with a 10 minute break between one class and another. The longest I have to sit at uni for is 2 hours for one subject (Lecture's usually, but also labs *Which is the practical stuff*).
I'm not sure how I can explain my recent inactivity to Deviantart... *Shruggs* Oh well... Just at least I let you guys know that I may be less active in the future, and please don't delete my account if I'm gone for an extended period of time. Usually it would mean I am doing home study or exams or an assignment.

Smile Thanks for your understanding and taking the time to read my lengthy posts (Where they apply of coarse)

I'm Ezziesong, the cat that will risk my life for love.

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I am new but I LOOOOOVE the Warriors series. (I read the first book in 3 days!)

I have Ezziestar (Tawny clan leader)
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Eaglekit (Dewclan kit)
Dreamkit (Dewclan kit)
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Smoke (Wolf pup of GH's pack)
Berri (Wolf pup of GH's pack) *I adopted him*

Ezziesong drawn by Loki. THANKYOU LOKI!

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