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Post by Guest on Sun May 26, 2013 8:47 am

Name: Winterpaw
Age: 5-moons
Gender: She-Cat

Alliance: TawnyClan

Rank: Apprentice


Personality: Winterpaw is a shy cat, not well to walk up to someone and just start a conversation. Though, underneath her shyness, she is a very nice person and respects almost anyone. She can handle tough situations but he can sometimes work herself into a corner. Winterpaw always puts herself down, saying it's her fault if anything bad happens around her.

When she is sad, she always puts up a fake smile so she doesn't have to listen people saying, "whats wrong," or, "what happened?" She doesn't like talking to people about her problems, so she just bottles everything up inside of him. She respects everyone and he gets embarrassed when someone points out something he does "well".

Winterpaw is interested in security and peaceful living. She has a strongly-felt internal sense of duty, which leads her into a serious air and the motivation to follow through on tasks. Winterpaw is uncomfortable expressing affection and emotion to others. Though she does smile a lot when she is uncomfortable. She has an excellent ability to take any task and define it, organize it, plan it, and implement it through to completion.

Under stress, she psychs himself out sees nothing but everything that can go wrong. She will berate herself for things which she should have done differently, or duties which she had failed to perform. She will lose his ability to see things calmly and reasonably, and will depress herself with her visions of doom. While she generally take things very seriously, Winterpaw also usually has an offbeat sense of humor and can be a lot of fun. Winterpaw has a difficult time saying "no" when she is given more work than she can handle. For this reason, Winterpaw may be unwittingly taken advantage of.

History: Winterpaw was born to two loyal Tawnyclan cats. She grew up alone, she had no siblings and had barely anyother kits to play with. Because of this, it makes her shy around other kits. Around her 4-moon her parents disappeared out of thin. Tawnyclan believed it was because the Twolegs took them. Winterpaw believed they were still alive and has grown very distant the past moon, anxious for her parent's return. While waiting for her parents return, she became an apprentice and has strived to be her best, for her parents..

RP Example: I believe I have rped on here before


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Re: Winterpaw

Post by Ezziestar on Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:33 pm

XD Good enough with me.
I'll approve this charrie. :3 Welcome back!

Do you know where Tawnyclan is located?

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