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Wildwhispers Herd of Horses (4 horses)

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Wildwhispers Herd of Horses (4 horses)

Post by Longstorm on Tue Jul 23, 2013 12:22 am

Name: Wildspirit
Breed: Mustang
Gender: Stallion
Ranking: Dominant male
Herd: He is the leader of the his herd "WildWhispers"
Age: 12 years old/12 springs (?)
Height: 14 hands
Color: Pale gray, but silver when seen from a distance
Personality: Passed down from his sire, he's courageous, a responsible leader, and has lots of spirit
History: Born among the dewy grass of early spring, his dam and sire came from the long line of federal escapees. Twolegs never had any success in capturing this herd, so this herd had remained wild and untouched for generations.

Name: Enchantment
Breed: Mustang
Gender: Mare
Ranking: Dominant female
Herd: She is the lead mare of WindWhispers.
Age: 9 years old
Height: 13.4 hands
Color: Bold chestnut
Personality: She is responsible, quick thinking (for the safety of the herd), brave, swift in battle (Also, when galloping she looks like she's floating above the ground, hence her name).
History: Same as above.

Name: Afterdusk
Breed: Mustang
Gender: Mare
Ranking: Watcher
Herd: WildWhispers
Age: 6 years old
Height: 12 hands
Color: Dark bay
Personality: Most of the time she's calm, but with a touch of spunk, too
History: She was a pack horse for the Twolegs, until Wildspirit trumpeted his invitation, and her buried instincts came alive. She broke free from her handlers and joined the herd.

Name: Adios
Breed: Mustang
Gender: Foal
Ranking: Just part of the band
Herd: WindWhispers
Age: 1 years old
Height: 9 hands
Color: Black all over, except for a pale crescent on his forehead
Personality: Still a fledging, he is still inexperienced, but already has shown popularity among friends
History: Son of Wildspirit and Enchantment.

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