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Outcast Glossary of Terms

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Outcast Glossary of Terms

Post by Longstorm on Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:06 pm

Anti Clan: A Clan that is dedicated to the misery of other Clans.

Loner/Rogue Group: A group of cats who do not call themselves a Clan or Anti Clan.

Main Clan: A Clan that attends the Gatherings.

Pseudo Clan: A Clan that does not attend the Gatherings.

AbyssClan: An Anti Clan descended from BloodClan.

CoreClan: A Pseudo Clan that lives in the Scorched Forest beyond TawnyClan.

DarkClan: A Main Clan that lives in the Dark Mountains in the east.

DarkClan Rebellion: A disbanded group of DarkClanners that once fled DarkClan and returned months later to overthrow the current leader, Thornstar.

DewClan: A Main Clan that was once disbanded, now reformed with rogues and loners, that lives in the marshes to the south.

Dwellers (The): A Loner/Rogue Group of cats forming a cult that lives two months away from the Territories.

League (The): A Loner/Rogue Group of cats that is rarely seen.

MoonClan: A Main Clan that was driven out by AbyssClan decades ago.

RoseClan: A Pseudo Clan that lives between the Red Hills and DewClan territory.

SearClan: A Pseudo Clan that lives in the Scorched Forest beyond TawnyClan territory.

TawnyClan: A Main Clan that lives in the forest beyond the river to the north.

Bloodstones: The red-stone quarry where the Clans meet up every full moon in peace for the Gathering to discuss recent events.

No-Clan's Land: A meadow with mostly tall grass, some rocks, few trees and bushes, that lies between the Bloodstones, DewClan, TawnyClan, and AbyssClan territory that no Clan has claim to.

Moonfall: A cave in the side of the Bloodstones, there is a low-ceilinged tunnel that leads to large stalagmite/stalactite chambers. Enter the correct one, and a drop of water from one of the stalactites will let you dream with StarClan.

Fields of Goldfur/Unending Fields: A massive, golden wheat field with a sunny, golden sky where cats who do not believe in ancestors and have never done a wrong in their life go to live comfortably.

Night Sky: The sky at night where ancestors walk the stars and the dark places.

Sky-Moon: MoonClan's ancestors that broke off from StarClan when MoonClan left the Territories.

StarClan: The Clans' ancestors.

Those Above: AbyssClan's ancestors that appear to have some power over other ancestors.

Those Below: AbyssClan's ancestors' prison for the enemies they have held vow over and slain.

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