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CLOSED That DewClan Reunion Topic

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CLOSED That DewClan Reunion Topic

Post by Longstorm on Sun Jun 08, 2014 12:58 am

Brief synopsis of topic events:

The Dewclan cat's reunite after splitting up, Maplejay and Dewdrop quarell on morals and obligations of warrior life. The two also struggle to decide who the next leader of Dewclan will be.
The pseudo clan's: Rose, Core and Searclan all join in to help in the coming battle against Mudbloodclan.

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Re: CLOSED That DewClan Reunion Topic

Post by Loki on Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:35 am

Maplejay went to her half of the clan. In these ranks were Mistjay, Raven swift, Frostsong,Whiterose, Brownhowl ,Foxclaw, Petalsong and Skysoar with her kits Gentlekit and Smokekit. Frostfire's eyes widened at the sight of her sister, Petalsong, but she said nothing to her. Skysoar jumped up at seeing Dewdrop and the others, excitement twitching her whiskers.
"Frostfire!" Petalsong mewed happily and bounced over to touch noses with her sister.
"Hello, Petalsong." But Frostfire didn't have much more to say than that, and it looked like Dewdrop was going to say something...
"What's wrong?" Petalsong paused looking sad at her sister's brisk tone.
Frostfire looked back at her sister; she was sad that he sister hadn't come with her when she had gone with Daystar - she felt betrayed.

"Well," Maplejay said, trying to break the tension, "it's nice to see everyo_ I mean most of you back..."
Dewdrop said nothing at the obvious barb, just a little too weary to snap back at the traitorous she-cat.
The cats of DarkClan watched on with interest.
Ezziesong, completely unaware of the tension entered, tail high with Stone on her heels purring; "Dewdrop it's so good to see you well."
The cats of DarkClan expected their own Clan to show up soon enough, though they didn't mention this to anyone else.

Dewdrop looked at Ezziestar. "Ezziesong," she greeted her nodding to her, unware of the TawnyClan she-cat's status change. "I'm glad to see that you're alive." Relief was written all over Dewdrop's face.
Dewdrop paused at Ezziesong's sentence.
Ezziesong's face fell and she dipped her head, sadness and grief tight in her chest, "It's Ezziestar now."
Dewdrop's mouth opened slightly in shock.
Ezziestar bit her lip slightly, uncomfortable.
"Lokistar was a great leader, and she died a death fit for one especially of a cat her... her age."
"Lokistar will be missed," Dewdrop agreed. "Ezziestar," Dewdrop said with respect, dipping her head.
"Yeah, she will."
"Maplejay and I were just discussing tactics for battle."
"Oh, really?" Dewdrop said, her tone was unreadable.
Ezziestar turned to Maplejay "I need to go over a few things with you." The leader of Tawneyclan looked to Dewdrop and the rest of Dewclan, "if you don't mind. I could have Solarstorm fill you in?"
"Not necessary," Maplejay said soberly, "Ravenswift can fill Dewclan in, I think it'd be more suitable."
"I understand," Ezziesong returned good naturedly as Ravenswift came forwards.

Dewdrop turned on Maplejay, scarcely acknowledging Ravenswift. "You're still leading them, then."
"Why wouldn't I be? You left us."
Dewdrop ignored the last bit and said, "You wanted an ultimate last stand against the Mudbloods from our home. But now you're here. Why?"
"We are preparing for the last stand right now," Maplejay returned hotly, "we heard how Tawneyclan were destroyed and I knew that when Daystar allowed the Mudblood scum to stay at our territory they would know everything about us and our... battlefield. Coming to the Bloodstones seemed like the best option."
Shadowspot saw Brownhowl and Foxclaw and thought of Firefoot, Coalstripe and Tigerpaw.
"So I'm assuming your own plans of taking Abyssclan changed?"
Ezziesong's eyes widened.
Ravenswift winced at Maplejay's choice of words, he knew how she had felt about the whole fiasco when Dewclan split.

"Where is Daystar?" Asked Ravenswift.
Skysoar and the other cats of Maplejay's side of Dewclan mewled their agreement, and called for the names of their friends and their whereabouts.
Dewdrop looked at the cats of DewClan then glanced at the other Clan cats around them. "Daystar is dead," she meowed solemnly.
"He was wrong."
"Oh no," gasped Ezziestar, feeling like she should leave, "I'm sorry."
There was a few cries of shock from behind Maplejay, the she-cat dropped her head solemnly. She never hated Daystar, just the choices he made.
"I knew this would be the outcome, rumours have been told of how Abyssclan is tainted by evil."

Dewdrop hated to elaborate what had happened in front of the other Clans - hated for the cats of her own Clan to give anything away - but there was no way around it, and Dewdrop wasn't concerned with the opinions of the other Clans. Not today. Not when DewClan was obviously the strongest today.
"What happened was an accident," Dewdrop said firmly, "but it was an accident that could have been avoided.
Daystar wanted to protect his Clan and he died trying. I will not fault him that." Dewsdrop was resolute.

"Daystar was loyal to DewClan to the very end," Dewdrop said, looking hard to Maplejay.
Maplejay frowned at Dewdrop, disagreement rolling off of her in waves. "I suppose he was, we all were."
Maplejay replied.
"Even if we had different opinions as a clan, no one could dispute Daystar's loyalty to those he cared for."
"Yes. You were loyal. But what are you now?" Dewdrop gave Maplejay some serious side-eye.
The cats on Dewdrop's side waited tensely.
Maplejay recoiled in distaste, "alive."
Ezziesong backed away slowly.

Dewdrop slightly bared her teeth in anger. "Brave words from a traitor."
"Brave words from a warrior who would throw their own leader's words in their face when he needed them most," Dewdrop continued, voice rising in volume gradually.
"Oh? How exactly did Daystar... and_" She looked behind Dewdrop, "All the other's die then? Was it running into Abyssclan who are said to be hundreds strong or some freak accident?"
"Brave words from a cat who would dare continue to call them seves a warrior of DewClan - or perhaps the LEADER of DewClan - even after they abandoned the code that made them a warrior of DewClan!"
Dewdrop plowed over Maplejay's words, not stopping.
"Code-breaker," Dewdrop spat. "Oath-breaker, betrayer, traitor."
Dewdrop was practically snarling now.
"You," and she looked at the others with Maplejay, "And all the rest. You abandoned DewClan. Don't think that you have the right to call yourself members of DewClan."

Maplejay hisses an anger, "HA! Oh, brilliant. I love nothing more then a cat as blinded by the warrior code as you are to make statements like that! You said yourself, Daystar was wrong. He let the Mudbloodclan cats in, he left US! Some of us-" She snapped her head around, eyes resting on the tired form of RaggedWisp and then on the only Desclan queen present: Skysoar and her kits, "Were incapable of following him and his stupid ideas and his stupid philosophies about taking out clans with no more than ten cats by his side!
How many more of us would be dead if we followed Daystar? SOMEONE had to lead these cats, blame me all you like but I value the life of mine and my clan mates too much to care about a single warrior code and even Starclan makes allowances. Daystar was unfit to lead."

There was a shocked silence filling the air.

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Re: CLOSED That DewClan Reunion Topic

Post by Longstorm on Mon Jun 09, 2014 7:07 am

"Fit to lead or not, Daystar was still our leader," Dewdrop growled quietly, growing tired of this argument. "But with the way you speak of the warrior code, I wonder if you ever considered him your leader in the first place." Dewdrop regarded Maplejay with tired eyes, shifting where she was standing.

Maplejay's eyes softened on the weary she-cat. "Of course I did, or I wouldn't have left my two-leg home when I was much younger, you and everyone ought to know that he trained those who needed it." She frowned is sadness, memories of the past glazing her eyes. "I didn't leave with Daystar because I was scared of dying and I am scared of Abyssclan. A lot of us are." There was a hesitant murmer of agreement behind her, it could have been Ravenswift but the she-cat didn't care, "We knew as soon as Daystar revealed this invasion idea of his that it would fail. I wasn't born into the warrior code so I don't understand the need to be as loyal to it as you and some who stand around me now.".

Dewdrop's expression hardened at the pity she preceived in Maplejay's expression.

"Maybe I'll never understand it," she continued. "but I know I understand the importance of Dewclan survival and at that time and still now I still value the life of my clan more. You can hate me for that if you want." The she-cat sat again, hackles dropping and looking weary.

"You pitched all of that against impossible odds, Maplejay. And for what?" Dewdrop let the sentence hang, then changed the sibject. "I've come to receive my nine lives. When the moon rises, I will speak with StarClan. We'll speak more on this matter then. When she said it, it was with a tone saying 'it's still not gonna end well for you. You were still wrong.'.

"But Maplejay is our leader," piped up Ravenswift though hushing as Maplejay raised her tail.
Maplejay frowned, "Dewdrop you left the Dewclan territory. I have the majority of Dewclan behind me who followed me and put their faith inme. You cannot just say you are to recieve your nine lives when you left us."

Foxclaw frowned undecided whilst a few others who had stayed with Maplejay murmured their thoughts.
"See?" Maplejay hissed.

Grimclaw, next to Dewdrop, frowned and opened his mouth, but Duskpaw piped up; "But Dewdrop's-" Shadowspot hushed her.
Dewdrop looked back at her cats and nodded to Shadowspot. Looking back at Maplejay she meowed, "Support or not, I am the rightful leader of DewClan. Opinion can't change that."

"Opinion and Clan have changed. The majority see me as leader," Maplejay snapped back, tail flicking in agitation.

Dewdrop looked at her for a long moment. And then shrugged. "That doesn't matter."

Grimclaw nodded in agreement, and so did the others on Dewdrop's side.

"It does if it affects the whole Clan." Maplejay replied.
"I'm sorry Dewdrop," Foxclaw said softly, "Despite what you may think of us, Maplejay has worked hard and has already spoken with StarClan."
Maplejay frowned at Foxclaw worriedly, "I have yet to discuss that with DEWCLAN."

Dewdrop raised a cat-brow at Maplejay's tone.
Oh. So that's how it is, she thought with interest. "Do tell, Maplejay," Dewdrop said. "What did StarClan say?" She turned her gaze onto the apparently hidden Mistjay.

Shadowspot noted the exchange and saw Mistjay too.
Mistjay frowned as eyes came her way, but said nothing. She didn't want to defend Maplejay... she didn't feel she should anyway.

Maplejay turned to Dewdrop. "What can I say, they gave me a prophecy and told me to wait and think about it."

Grimclaw's ears pricked up in interest.

That's not entirely true, Mistjay frown deepened but she looked on, expression otherwise unchanging.

"Oh, a prophecy," Dewdrop meowed, nodding. "Did it have anything to do with fighting the Mudbloods?" She still didn't like Maplejay, but that was sort of overridden by the fact that she had great interest in fighting the Mudbloods - or avoiding them, if possible. And also receiving her nine lives and keeping DewClan safe.

Maplejay sat quietly thinking about how to tackle this one. "It was Bramblepaw." She said distantly; it was like remembering an old dream.

"Bramblepaw's dead," Dewdrop softly gasped.

Grimclaw and the others were shocked. Grimclaw bowed his head, thinking of Tigerpaw.

"I'm sorry, Maplejay," Dewdrop said.

Maplejay looked down in grief. "He never said anything... about..." Her voice wavered for a moment before she sucked in air and sat up.

Ezziestar bowed her head sadly. Wolffang and the other bachelor boys murmuring their own words of comfort.

Hollowstripe glanced at Bronzepaw - he looked back then looked at the two DewClan she-cats curiously. DewClan sure seemed like an exciting place, in a "none of us like each other" way.

"The prophecy was short, and Bramblepaw didn't want me talking about it he said to think about it first." It was the truth at least, "I have been thinking about it and I still think StarClan have nothing better to offer us then feeble rhymes."

"Maplejay!" Foxclaw said in astonishment.

Ezziestar's eyed almost poured from her skull.

"Well it's true," the she-cat growled, "how has any of this horror been helped by them!?"

Ezziestar frowned now as murmurs began to arise. "That's enough." The TawneyClan leader stood tall.

"I assume you never got your nine lives then," Foxclaw asked half disappointed and then intrigued, "then Dewdrop is the rightful leader."

"No," Skysoar mewed, "Maybe they just need to test her?"

"Oh, come on," said Shadowspot in exasperation at Skysoar. The other cats behind Dewdrop chorused a similar sentiment..

Rayclaw hissed at Shadowspot, "It's not like it's completely unheard of. Yes, Dewdrop was announced by Daystar but then again, who is there to say that they need time to decide themselves?" He had to defend his mate. "Anyway," he growled, "Did Daystar really expect Skysoar and my kits to go to AbyssClan?".

Riverstorm frowned. "Daystar wan'nned to protect everyone," he growled. "Diddn'na want anyone to face the Mudbloods. But Maplejay does!" He glared at her.

"You're thinking it all wrong," grumbled Petalsong, "Daystar wasn't thinking straight, surely you can understand why we never followed him! "

Frostfire shook her head and stepped forward. "No, Petalsong," she said sharply. "You're the ones not thinking straight, you turned your backs on your own family! Your own Clan!" She glanced at Foxclaw then looked back at her sister.

"I did want to face the Mudbloods," Maplejay said, "We know nothing about AbyssClan but bad rumours, we already knew the strengths of MudbloodClan! Daystar ran into AbyssClan territory and look how that turned out for you, you've lost half of your cats." She looked around myself, "This part of DewClan is unscathed."

Foxclaw shook his head - he didn't know who was in the right.

"We didn't face AbyssClan," snapped Riverstorm. "What killed Daystar was an accident."

"Maplejay's right," was all Petalsong could say.

Frostfire shook her head, huffed, and looked away from her sister..

"So you didn't even get to see the AbyssClan cats and still lost so many? I can only imagine that if you continued then you'd all of been dead," hissed Ravenswift boredly..

"Don't be so disrespectful," Foxclaw chastised Ravenswift in annoyance.

Dewdrop exhaled softly at the sound of the cats arguing. She looked at Mistjay again, who seemed to be pressed against a wall. Mistjay hadn't really said anything, had she. And the medicine cat would have more to say about StarClan than Maplejay would, she was certain. "Mistjay," she called to the medicine cat.

Maplejay frowned at Dewdrop and looked to Mistjay then as the cat's name was called..

The medicine cat looked up at her. "Mistjay," Dewdrop said again, padding past Maplejay and up to her. "Maplejay says she spoke to StarClan. You must have gone with her, right?"
Mistjay glanced at Maplejay then looked back at Dewdrop. "Yes," she answered. "I did." Mistjay watched Dewdrop warily, still a little scared of Dewdrop's possible wrath.
Dewdrop nodded. "Well - did they speak? Did you see them?"
Mistjay sighed and nodded. "Yes. And it was Bramblepaw we saw, like Maplejay said."
Dewdrop nodded. "Alright...What did he say," she asked gently.
"It...It was between Maplejay and StarClan," she answered hesitantly, hating the answer.

"Do you think I am lying Dewdrop?" Maplejay growled..

Dewdrop sighed and stepped back. Mistjay's eyes widened, apology all over her face.

Ezziestar sighed now, placing a tail on the shoulder of Maplejay in hopes to calm her down.
"This is a serious DewClan matter, I understand that, but we can't discuss it now. Not with the upcoming battle with the Mudblood's on our tail. Dewclan should settle this once the battle is won." She said this kindly.

Dewdrop looked at Ezziestar abruptly. "Of course," she said after a moment. "Of course - how long have you been here? How long have," she gestured to everyone "All of you been here? A few days?" She inhaled. "Oh, a few days at least." She exhaled sharply, almost a bitter laugh. "How long do you think it will be until the Mudbloods get here, Ezziestar?".

"You do not know what words have crossed between myself and StarClan, Dewdrop," Ezziestar said calmly, "do not forget I too have spoken to them recently."

"Don't come here thinking we've been dossing around," Skyblaze butted in earning an exasperated look from his leader.

Dewdrop shook her head. "I know that, Ezziestar - but what I didn't know is that the Mudbloods have us all surrounded," she stressed the last word.

"We know that. TawneyClan have been here at the Bloodstone for a while since the fires... we had no where to go. Then Maplejay brought DewClan, well this half you anyway and it added to the numbers we have against them. We are trapped but at least the Bloodstone offers us a view of all around us." Ezziestar frowned, "I assume you only came her to seek your nine lives, what will you do now?".

Dewdrop's mind was racing. AbyssClan, the Mudbloods, the League, more Mudbloods - was there anywhere to go? The mountains - what about the mountains, she wondered..
Dewdrop stole a glance at the DarkClan cats present and wondered if it would be too low to ask them passage into their lands, a way to flee from the imminent threat. Maybe....

Unbeknownst to Dewdrop, Ezziesong was having the same idea. She opened her mouth to speak when a familiar wail occurred, resonating throughout the Moonstone caves. All cat's shot into a fighting stance, many eyes pouring over the entrance before the figure of Swiftwind came galloping in followed by an assembly of unrecognizable cats who appeared equally wet and shaken.
"Ezziestar!" Yowled Swiftwind, panting heavily as they crowded in.
"Swiftwind, what is wrong?".
"We saw them!" They... They killed one of the RoseClan cats... they tried to get us too! Oh STARCLAN! Ezziestar there are hundreds of them! The ground was trembling! They stopped short of the Bloodstones!"

"My StarClan..." Foxclaw murmured.

Dreamsong, the RoseClan medicine cat, was softly pressing another cat to lay down and rest. The large cat she was speaking to, Shrineleaf, had her ears back and was refusing her softly.

Dewdrop's hopes fell, shattered, onto the ground. Finally, she spoke; "We'll fight them here," she meowed grimly.

The cats of DarkClan were a little concerned - they knew that the rest of DarkClan would be approaching from that direction and would be relying upon their input to avoid the bad situation (being the Mudbloods near their territory's borders).
"One of us will have to get past them and warn DarkClan," said Sorestare quietly.
Gorseclaw nodded. "Yes," he agreed. A pause. "I'll go," he whispered. And why not? Hollowstripe was the senior cat here and Gorseclaw was the swiftest - but Hollowstripe looked worried. She relied upon Gorseclaw's wisdom (as did Silverpaw, present, who was Gorseclaw's apprentice.).
Silverpaw said what Hollowstripe was thinking; "What about me?" Gorseclaw looked at his half-sister.
"I'll be back," he said reassuringly.

Swiftwind's hind legs gave way and he sat ungracefully, "We... we have no hope. This isn't enough..." Mistjay quickly went to Swiftwind's side when he collapsed, and Dreamsong followed.

Gorseclaw and Hollowstripe looked at each other in shock. Hollowstripe steadied herself mentally and said, "Be sure to report everything back to them. Even the morale." Gorseclaw nodded solemnly, watching the others and looking for the right moment to slip out.
"You'll need to be discreet," murmured Sorestare. Gorseclaw nodded silently, knowing that the other cats might panic if they saw him go back to his own territory.

Dewdrop was feeling a little horrified at the current situation, but she didn't let any of that show. Meanwhile, the cats with her were getting a little panicky. Namely, Rainheart.
Rainheart's eyes were wide. "They're EVERYWHERE," she whispered in shock.

Ezziestar paused for a moment, "Maybe I could simply speak with them...." She ducked her head. "Sorry, that's stupid.".

The silence agreed with her..

"WE'RE DOOMED!" Came a cry from the back of the cave.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," Dewdrop mewed drily. Yep, even the DewClan cats were getting panicky, but Dewdrop's tone was calming somehow.

"Doomed, Doomed!" Hailkit bounced about, uncomprehending of their situation.

Solarstorm, oldest here it would seem, sat tiredly. "We're not doomed at all. Our Clans have survived much worse many, many summers ago, long before the last leaders and we will survive this now too." The old and well seasoned tom looked around. "We must stay calm, and THINK.".

"WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE," shrieked Rainheart. There was a general consensus that Rainheart was being an overreactive idiot at the moment.

"That's what StarClan said," Maplejay said sourly, "about the thinking, that is."

"Well," Solarstorm said, somehow optimism crept into his voice, "Are we going to sit here and moan or are we going to stand up and give them a taste of what true warriors can do?"
"Obviously the latter," Wolffang grumbled under breath.
Skyblaze punched him with a paw. "Shut up," and then he howled in agreement with Solarstorm. Several Tawneyclan cats joined in.

Dewdrop's shoulder's were set and her eyes were hard with determination, and she turned on her Clan. "Quiet," she commanded, and even Rainheart shut up.

"What have we got to lose?" Solarstorm said to his Clan mainly, "They can take our home, they've taken our previous leader... will we let them take our TawneyClan spirit?

"This won't be the end," she told them. "DewClan will endure. I will receive my nine lives and name a deputy. Our traditions and livelihoods will survive this, and DewClan will stand strong. Will you stand with me?" Grimclaw nodded, as did others, speaking out in agreement. Foxclaw paused before voicing his agreement.

"NO!" Howled TawneyClan who loved a good monologue.

"Will we stand together," Dewdrop called over the TawnyClan howls. "Will we take down as many as fifty times as many Mudbloods as they have DewClanners? Will we fight together," she yowled over the pandemonium. And DewClan added their voices to the pandemonium, the yowls echoing through the Moonfall.

The cats of DebrisClan could only howl along with the others, thrilled to see that the Main Clans were as amazing as the stories had said.

"Will we stand together," Dewdrop called to Ezziestar and Solarstorm.

"YES!" Cried out Ezziestar and Solarstorm!.

Mistjay shouted along with everyone else, and the howls grew louder at Ezziestar's affirmation.

"Who knows..." Wolffang commented to Skyblaze, "If our old as the forest leader could take down those Mudbloodscum... what's to say we can't?"
Skysoar and her mate frowned in terror, curling around her kits, "what about the kits?"

Meanwhile, Gorseclaw had slid past the wild group of howling cats and crept out of the Moonfall...

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Re: CLOSED That DewClan Reunion Topic

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