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CLOSED Their Finest Hour - the final battle.

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Re: CLOSED Their Finest Hour - the final battle.

Post by Loki on Sat Aug 01, 2015 1:07 pm

Jura, one of the Mudbloodclan seniors broke through the ranks of Dewclan and some of the psuedo clan cats at the mouth of the Moonfall. He had them all slaughtered. Pinned down with throats cut.
He continued into the Moonfall, deeper, deeper until the scent of milkiness hit. The smell of queens and their kits.

He flicked his tail, it's usually custom of our clan to not touch kits, but then again, we are four hundred strong...

The screams of the remaining kits and queens echoed through the chambers.

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Re: CLOSED Their Finest Hour - the final battle.

Post by Longstorm on Sun Aug 02, 2015 1:57 pm

After several moments, Ezziestar's motionless body began to breathe again. She coughed and looked up to see Skyblaze standing above her. She quickly got to her paws, slightly stumbling as she got to her paws.

Skyblaze, felt a sigh of relief run through his being, but the cat that jumped upon him next took all of his fight away. Everything swept from beneath him, crushing teeth and brazen claws ripping at his body until Skyblaze became detached from the world.
"No!' screamed Solarstorm, heartbreak crushing him.

"Don't stop!" came the hysterical cry of Falsecall, glee evident upon his face. "NO prisoners, aaaall of them die."

Dewdrop, being very aware of the situation at hand, looked to Grimclaw and Frostsong.
"HEY!" She yowled over the clamor to them. They looked at her as one. "Get to Ezziestar! Hey, Grayfall!" The tom looked at her. "Go clear the way for Ezziestar and her cats! get them back here! Brownhowl, Shadowspot, watch them!" The cats she named yowled their agreement and set to work.

Ezziestar didn't have her full energy straight away, she watched as another good warrior was taken down. No! Not another one... Ezziestar looked around quickly, seeing all the cats still in fight, alongside the bodies strewn all over of the ground.

Sparrowhawk and his canine friend peered at the bloodshed on the rocks. The wolf sniffed at the air, his sullen eyes rolling a bit.
Sparrowhawk looked at the wolf worriedly. "The cats on the rocks are my friends."
"I cannot tell between the cats," the wolf replied, his eyes rolling. "I will keel any cats."
The wolf started to move forward, head low and jaw widening to allow a flat pink tongue to survey his grizzled fur around his muzzle. Sparrowhawk ran with him.
"Please," he called, "at least kill those from the bottom of the hill!'
"Stay here tiny cat." The wolf grumbled, "Or I might step on you."

Grimclaw and Frostsong began to claw a way down into the sea of cats, watching each other's backs as they went. Grayfall followed close behind them, and behind him Brownhowl and Shadowspot hung off of the rock, watching for them.
Grimclaw was next to Ezziestar in an instant, with Frostsong on the other side of her. "COME ON," Frostsong screamed to her.
Grayfall was watching their backs, and Brownhowl and Shadowspot were watching his. Altogether, they made a chain back to the rock.

Ezziestar spun around as Grimclaw and Frostsong, her hackles raised, expecting a Mudblood cat. She relaxed slightly after she realised who it was. She nodded as she braced herself to follow.
Frostsong and Grimclaw stuck to her sides and shuffled her back to Grayfall. Ezziestar had a massive limp as she had worse scars along her flanks than before. She knew Stormclaw had landed some hefty blows on her flanks.
When they reached Grayfall, the quartet shuffled back to the base of the rock, Grayfall, Frostsong, and Grimclaw providing a ring around the front of Ezziestar, and Brownhowl and Shadowspot at their backs.
Together, the DewClan warriors made to help Ezziestar back up onto the rock as a solid team.
Ezziestar was grateful to the help of DewClan. She didn't say anything, but gave a nod of thanks when she was back on the rocks. Her wounds stung and she noticed her white pelt was darkened with dark crimson around her new scratches.

The wolf suddenly broke through the copse that they were hiding, he snarled viciously and began to fling cats away from himself, crushing bones and breaking backs before they could get away. The Mudblood cats screamed in terror, They launched away from the wolf.
"Kill it! We have killed many wolves before!" Falsecall howled in anger, rage heating his ears.
Clan cats forgotten at the beckoning call of their Lord, the Mudblood cats charged back down the hill. Three hundred cats hounding on the old wolf in a sea of furry fury.

Far to the west, from AbyssClan's territory, emerged cats of the City. They had been being trained by the warriors of AbyssClan for the past moon as part of a political movement to remove MudbloodClan from their position of tyranny. Now, they felt their day had come. Among them was Suki of the council, and other unknown faces.
Not far from them was the Powerful Despairingcall, and with him his son, Switchblade. They would not be engaging in paw-to-paw combat, but they would be assisting the trained City warriors all the same.

At Stone's silence, Stormclaw grinned, "What's wrong? Lost for words?" At this Stone yelled out and leaped again without thinking. Stormclaw leaped aside and knocked the young tom to a side with a hefty blow, causing Stone to lose his balance and he fell to the ground rather ungracefully. Suddenly a heavy weight crashed down upon him.

Dewdrop glanced to check on the status of her cats and Ezziestar. Seeing they were fine she resumed her defense, but then noticed that many of the Mudblood cats seemed very preoccupied.
Spiralpaw and Nightpaw of RoseClan noticed the preoccupation as well. They looked at each other and didn't feel the need to speak. Together they leaped off of the rock towards Falsecall, one silent and the other shouting a battle cry.

Stone struggled beneath him yet again, however Stormclaw was still too strong for him to knock off. Stormclaw leaned closer to Stone's ear and Stone heard him hiss, "Why don't you say hi to Ezziestar... oh wait, You aren't going to the same place." Stone froze, realising what Stormclaw was planning. He's going to kill me! Stone tried even harder to escape, managing to free a paw, he cupped a pawful of mud and tossed it at Stormclaw, distracting the tom and causing the weight to shift.
Stone leaped at Stormclaw, clawing at him.

Meanwhile, off in the distance, the CityClan fighters were marching towards the battle. Their approach was almost calm compared to the turmoil of the great battle.
The CityClan fighters drew even closer. They were SO ready. Get HYPED.

Falsecall turned in the nick of time. "COME AT ME!" He screamed in the peak of rage. Spiralpaw skid to a halt but Nightpaw barrled forward just about into Falsecall. It was at the last moment she noticed that Spiralpaw had stopped - Wait - Nightpaw looked back at the awaiting Falsecall. Oh.
Falsecall turned, his massive fat aired coming close, eyes dead with disgust. Gold and blue staring at those of the apprentice. He slammed the apprentice down, both coming off the rock, he had the apprentice pinned, sliced up her mid section.

Stone growled through a mouth of fur, Stormclaw rolled over, forcing Stone to fall off. Stormclaw turned to see the first cut he received from Stone ever. Naturally, this made Stormclaw both surprised and angry. Stormclaw growled ferociously at the younger tom as he arched his back, hackles raised. "How DARE you!"

Falsecall turned on a pebble, coming forward and grabbing hold of the then fleeing Spiralpaw, pulling the Clan cat back by the tail, and crashing his paw down on her neck. He howled angrily.

The Mudbloodcats came away from the now dead wolf, so many injured and many had died in that one. There was something in their eyes, something had changed.

Leafstar saw the death of her daughters and was devastated. She howled in agony and leapt off of the red stone, much to Crow's shock and dismay. Leafstar ran towards the group of MudbloodClan cats, all reason having left her mind, grief overtaking her senses...
"Her too." Falsecall turned, his mouth releasing spit, "kill her, kill her!"

Stone got to his paws again, He took up a defencive stand as he growled,
"It's true. I wasn't born in any clan, I don't even know who my parents are. But Lokistar accepted me into TawnyClan. You hurt Ezziestar, you abandoned TawnyClan and you have the nerve to mention Lokistar with no respect. I'm now a TawnyClan warrior... Not like a rogue like yourself can understand." With this Stormclaw snarled and leaped at him, giving Stone several scratches that began to alarm the young tom. Stormclaw bit down on the young tom's tail, causing him to screech out in pain. Stormclaw didn't know what came over him, but all he seemed to see was red.

Meanwhile, less of a distance away, the fighters of CityClan "whistled" a merry tune as they marched closer.
Also, Despairingcall began to call an eerie song back at the break in the trees of AbyssClan's treeline. A large gray egret came to perch on rock near Despairingcall. A little sweet robin alighted on a skinny branch hanging from a nearby tree. He sang a sweet little song.
Carr was sitting on the back of Switchblade who was now a much finer, broad shouldered tom. The raven flapped his wings which unsettled the balance of the handsome tom beneath him. Switchblade gave a grumble of annoyance and watched as the Raven cawed to his friend, the robin. The robin's song changed in reply.
Despairingcall paused for a moment and his golden eyes caught those of his son.
Switchblade bared his teeth and a sudden flash of lightening came down from the sky above the Mudbloods.

Dewdrop and her warriors ducked at the crackle of lightning, the smell of ozone burning in the air.
Sunshift of TawnyClan fell over dead, startled to death by the sudden lightning. Or maybe he died falling off of the rock. Who could say?
The sudden flash of lightening blinded both Stormclaw and Stone. This caused Stormclaw to let go suddenly, allowing Stone to break free from him.

Thunder boomed overhead, the sky flashing darkly before the light rain lurched into an earth pelting rain. The roar from the thunder deafened the two, Stone used this to his advantage to escape into the writhing bodies of cats. Stormclaw shook his head, trying to clear the ringing in his hears. "Coward!" He snarled.

Switchblade stumbled a bit, his legs feeling very weak. Despairingcall watched Switchblade through the corner of his eye. He said nothing, but continued to sing. More and more birds answered his call, and came to perch in all of the surrounding trees. They came in droves, filling the trees until they birds seemed to outnumber the leaves. Carr hopped off of Switchblade's back in a dignified manner and launched into the pouring sky with strong wings. The robin, Serok, sang in dismay, as the wind was too strong for himself.

Stone would then leap from a different angle, catching him by surprise as he gripped Stormclaw's back, digging his claws in, refusing to let go.

With the roar of thunder Dewdrop inexplicably felt a surge of courage and real purpose, as though the sheer power of the sound was enough to overfill her very soul with energy. The wind and harsh rain whipped through her sodden, bloody fur as she stood up straight.

Carr launched downward. His wings caught the air in excitement. "Carr kill big white ugly, cat!" it cawed, talons outstretching.
"YEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwww," Falsecall jumped in shock, swiping at Carr who could not get any lift away from the Mudblood leader.

The fighters of CityClan wavered for a moment under the force of the event, but their hearts were strong, and they felt empowered by their purpose. Behind the ringing of their ears and the rain they could hear Despairingcall's faint songs, the calls of many birds, the echoes of rousing speeches that brought them here, today.  This was their time.
Desparingcall watched as strongest his birds took off before him, the dark skies seeming even darker for their shadows. They covered the skies as they streamed towards the battle and circled, ready to strike. The smaller birds shrieked with unhappiness, left behind by the buffeting winds.
Despairingcall looked at Switchblade with a cool expression. "Cool it with the weather, son. My birds need space to fly..."

Switchblade felt something warm within him at being called Son. He nodded, feeling like he'd been running for a new moon.

"Fowl, cretin," Falsecall hissed. But then he paused. Horror dominated his expression. "It can't be," he whispered looking up into the heavy weather.

Dewdrop knew now was the time to strike. As though Daystar had stood before her and unleashed his battle cry, she knew this was the time, it was here, it was NOW.

Ezziestar felt helpless, she couldn't find many of her own Clan alive and what's more, she couldn't do anything. She closed her eyes, trying to remember what life was like before the war. Her eyes snapped open, A new light shone behind them, as if a fire was rekindled from within her soul. "I have to get back down there." She meowed half to herself. With her, the remaining cats of TawnyClan murmured in new hope as the words from their leader were passed on to those who did not hear.

Maplejay looked to the west and saw the outline of the CityClan fighters through the rain. She didn't know who they were, but she jumped off her perch, realising, thank StarClan that someone had come who was on their side. She wanted Falsecall. Killing him would be perfect. It was the best thing she could do to strengthen her chance of leadership.
Someone saw her go - they called after her, but it was lost to the wind.

Dewdrop looked to her cats and screamed a long, powerful battle cry, hoarse with grief and anger and hope, that awful, burning hope, and her cats, all of cats of DewClan, couldn't help but feel what her heart was feeling, and scream alongside her, faces turned upwards to the unforgiving sky. Under this cry they knew all codes were done and gone except one: fight or die.

However. Charging toward Falsecall became difficult for Maplejay, the clay like mud, became wet and slippery. She slid into a tumble and fell into the outreaching claws with an undignified scream of dread.
Carr hopped back into air at the distraction of Falsecall.

Standing at the front of the CityClan fighters was the one and only Cunningheart. The fighters came to a halt at Cunningheart's non-verbal command. She smirked at the turmoil before her, curled her lip, and smelled the blood and the wet earth.
This was her kind of party.

Stone eventually released his grip on Stormclaw's back, leaping off and racing towards the rocks. Stormclaw was hot on his heels, the wind and rain tearing at his pelt.
Somehow the clouds shifted and the rain slowed. Many cats now that had been half-blinded by the wind and the rain were now able to make out the circling dark cloud of birds above the battlefield.
Falsecall lifted his head, and frowned, lifting up a dead comrade and curling up underneath, the blood from the earth soaked his white fur, anyone could guess he was dead.

Their targets now clear to them Dewdrop and her cats leapt into the fray, as swift and powerful as though they had wings on their paws, and Ezziestar and TawnyClan were not far behind. At the same time, the dark mass of birds descended upon the cats of MudbloodClan in a river of black death.
The carnage was a sight to behold. Smaller cats were being lift into the air by various large birds of prey and torn at and pieces of their flesh stripped away by their sharp treacherous beaks.
The larger cats were faring better, putting up a fight, many even killing bird by the clawful. A ways away, Despairingcall grimaced.
Even so, the Mudbloods felt a wave of change in the group as DewClan and TawnyClan attacked as one.

Many of the Mudblood cats died then. More died as they tried to flee to the west, only to be set upon by the enraged cats of CityClan. With the hellish she-cat Cunningheart as their commander, the Mudblood cats that came their way stood no chance.

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Re: CLOSED Their Finest Hour - the final battle.

Post by Longstorm on Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:36 pm

Some time later...

The skies became bright with the dispersing of the clouds. Birds stayed to peck at the Carrion; left by the battle.

The clan cats, those who were still alive, seemed to peer around themselves blearily, as if in a daze.
Solarstorm was one of them, he looked around at his comrades, finding no warm feelings within. TawnyClan was in ruin. Destroyed, he thought hopelessly. He listlessly watched some birds as they fought each other for bits of cat meat.
Solarstorm turned his gaze to the cloudy sky and squinted at the sun dog. "This was far from victory, Lokistar, StarClan was not watching over us." His gaze travelled to where the CityClan cats were, or what was left of them. "Someone else was."

Cunningheart looked at the dead of CityClan. The cats of CityClan themselves didn't seem to know what to do with themselves. Some had sat themselves down next to the corpses. Others were pacing. Others stood still, looking lost. And some, just some, looked triumphant for having won.

Whitehare sported a wonderful wound to her shoulder and found herself leaning heavily on the left paw, her small frame shook with exertion but she looked jubilant.
Cunningheart looked over at Whitehare, watching her. She wondered if Whitehare would indeed go over to her wounded Clanmates in DewClan - or did she truly feel no kinship with her former Clanmates?

Dewdrop of DewClan looked down at the last cat she fought and killed. Or, she thought it was, anyway. With the amount of mud and blood mottling the cat's fur she couldn't tell the difference between this cat and any other that lay on the ground.
Or so she thought. She knew Grayfall on sight, lying there on the ground, body torn and twisted in death. There was a large hawk seated next to it, chewing away at his flesh. Dewdrop's ears flattened at the sight of the creature. She unsheathed her claws and artfully bounded through the mud right at the sizable bird. The bird made some sound of dismay as Dewdrop screeched and slashed at it. The hawk took off and flew a short distance before settling on yet another corpse. Dewdrop breathed out heavily as she stood before Grayfall's body. Her sudden screech briefly startled some shell-shocked cats out of their stupor, but some soon returned to it. Others began to talk to one another, or walk to their friends and sit by them, or start to call the names of cats they cared about.
Pantherleap of DebrisClan, for example, was one of those last cats. She called the name of her Clan leader, Spike. She knew he had been dragged away from the rest of the Clan earlier in the battle, and after that she had not seen them again. But where could she find him? It would be next to impossible to find him, she thought, in this field of dead.

Sparrowhawk picked his way through the dead, spotting Dewdrop almost instantly though her usually beautiful long fur was streaked with blood that had gone black and hard with time and red, clay that stained her coat.
"Dewdrop!" He called, his pace quickening when he was sure it was her.

Solarstorm flicked his tail dispassionately at the call of another cat, he very vaguely recognised as a DewClan cat.

Dewdrop's ear flicked and swiveled back, then she turned and looked to see who was calling her name. She squinted to see who it was as they drew closer.

"Oh my StarClan, I can't believe it!" Sparrowhawk said, heart racing in elation at seeing a familiar face.
"Sparrowhawk!" Foxclaw called, running forward and touching noses with the smaller cat. "How long has it been?" Foxclaw asked, feeling so, so very worn, "you went missing, Snowfeather and Brambleleaf too..."

Dewdrop looked between the cats confusedly. Wait, who was this? She needed a moment, she was tired. And also very wide awake at the same time. She needed to sit down. One of her friends was dead next to her. She studied the cat's face - a name came back to her.
"Sparrowhawk," Dewdrop walked up to him. "Where have you been?" Her voice was rather hoarse, and even more stern.
"On a mission," he said, "f-from StarClan or well... someone higher then StarClan... see, we had a voice tell us we had to leave."
Dewdrop stared at Sparrowhawk for moment. "Okay. Sparrowhawk. We'll speak more on that later. ..I'm glad to see you." She looked out over the field of dead. There would be time enough later to ask more of him. Else, there were tasks to assign, work to complete, friends to find...and nine lives to receive.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Grimclaw was looking over the dead for Frostsong. He hadn't seen her in a while, and was concerned. He'd found other cats he knew, mostly alive ones (thankfully) but Frostsong was on his list of cats to find. That's not who he found though.
At Grimclaw's feet, Whitedash, last surviving member of SearClan, was gasping for breath, bleeding into the muddy ground.

Ezziestar gathered the other last survivors of TawnyClan: Leopardstorm,  Swiftwind and Honeyfang. They passed mumbled comments of "you okay?" before meeting with Solarstorm who'd gravitated toward Dewdrop at the sight of the Cityclan cats with a cat he distinctively knew from gatherings as an AbyssClan cat.
Dewdrop looked at the TawnyClan cats that had for some reason gathered around her, then instead looked over their heads for the cats of her own Clan. She could see Mistjay, her medicine cat, tending to some-cat laying on the ground. They seemed to be alive and talking to Mistjay, so that was all well. Frostfire was leaning against her sister Petalsong's shoulder as they walked towards her and the TawnyClan cats.

Suki turns to her CityClan comrades, tail raised, looking upon them in appraisal. "Two moons ago CityClan could not be compared to the great force it is now, but here we are conquering and being the deciding factor for victor of battle. We have taken a hit, a terrible hit," She paused looking down in silence for a moment before continuing at a level tone, "however, with only a moons worth of training, with our sister clan we have become a force to be reckoned with and none could be prouder than I."

She motioned with the tip of her tail and a bright, flame mink pelted tom, with a grey unassuming eye came forward, the right side of his face was lost in the sight of an ugly, scar.
"Blaze and our sister Cunningheart know the face of the tyrant: Falsecall. We have not finished this until we are sure he is dead." She nodded towards the two cats in question. "Search every cat here, he cannot have escaped but we cannot leave only for this to happen once again." The cats before her murmured in agreement, the death and stench of blood in the air sullying the fire in their hearts. They passed the Councillor, with the basic knowledge of a large white, odd eyed tom.
Cunningheart huffed but did nothing but nod gracefully, and pad deeper into the field of dead.  The large, imposing white she-cat roughly turned over every other corpse she came upon and let them flump back over when she saw they weren't the cat she was looking for.

Grimclaw stood up straighter and called out to Mistjay, "MISTJAY! This cat needs you!"
Whitedash gasped a few more times and tried to say something. Grimclaw leaned in closer to him, crouching in the mud to get close to Whitedash's face.
Whitedash whispered: "I - should've- Spi--" He sighed and went limp, his last breath leaving him.
Mistjay had started to pad Grimclaw's direction, but Grimclaw stood and shook his head at her. Mistjay nodded and went back to the other cat she was tending to. Whiterose, another DewClan warrior, went to be at her side.

Whitehare stayed near Cunningheart, as ordered. She didn't have the size or strength of the latter so had to struggle more to sort through the bodies. To the three, Cunningheart had checked, Whitehare averaged at one.

They came closer, it had been 20 minutes into the start of the search before they came closer to the middle, everyone was so tired.
Cunningheart glanced at Whitehare now and again just to see what she was doing. So far she didn't seem to have much interest in DewClan.

Whitehare's nose wrinkled at the stench. Worse was the rain soaked earth now had the beginning of sunshine beating down, humidity rising along with the hum of flies.

In the 20 minutes that had passed Grimclaw and Brownhowl had managed to find the bodies of Frostsong, Duskpaw, and a few TawnyClan cats they had seen earlier in the battle. Grimclaw and Brownhowl marked each cat by clearing a space around them so they could find them later.

Suki had made her way over to the clan cats, weary of them but very confident in herself,
"Greetings!" She said to them, "I don't suppose those able bodied could help in our search for the beast that started all of this?" She said this to the white she cat with black points. Assuming she was white. No one seemed to have fur that was not marred with blood, dirt and wounds.

Ezziestar frowned, looking behind her for a moment at those near and turned back, "I'm sure we could help."
Dewdrop looked at her warriors. Frostfire met her gaze, stood up straight and nodded resolutely.

Whitehare came to the next carcass, preparing herself to life the massive cats head from how it had twisted underneath itself.
Falsecall was underneath the form of one of his generals, he saw white from the corner of his eye.

A little ways off, Cunningheart flicked her ears in annoyance at the gathering flies and muttered beneath her breath.

Whitehare gasped as a blue and gold pair of eyes peered suddenly from the slop of mud stepping back so swiftly as it shot from the earth at her, claws unsheathed and swiping at her throat. The mud made his effort much more ungainly and he copped the side of the smaller she-cat's shoulder, birds fluttered to the sides in shock.
For a moment their fall continued in slow motion.
Cats of CityClan that were nearby all jumped back in surprise when it happened. Dewdrop and co. looked over at the commotion that was breaking out.

Falsecall stumbled up and made to grab at Whitehare with his massive fore paws. She slipped away somehow, sliding underneath. The one-sided fight was quickly becoming the center of attention as the birds took to the air with a din of wings and screeches.
Cunningheart looked around at the burst of sound and commotion and pinpointed on Whitehare and who she instantly assumed to be Falsecall. Typical, she thought. She took off at a quick, loping gait that gained speed and power every time her paws hit the ground, moving with the force of a falling boulder over the flat, dead-covered ground.
Whitehare, recovering found some footing to jump on Falsecall, latching her claws into his shoulder and sinking her fangs into his flesh. The size difference between the two was almost comical, he had her pinned and was grinning down at her within seconds.
"Bad mistake, pretty."  Falsecall spotted a white flash closing in and shifted his weight, wondering how fast he could kill the she-cat beneath him. He decided, panicking momentarily at the flash recognition of Cunningheart, that maybe he should reassess his priorities. He went to move, realising the massive AbyssClan she-devil was going to crash into him but Whitehare anchored him down with all the might she could muster.
"Oh, shi-" he started to say.
Cunningheart bodily crashed into Falsecall. Together they rolled head over tail. Somehow, Cunningheart somersaulted and ended up right back on her paws. She didn't know how, exactly, she hadn't planned on it. But she bet it had looked pretty cool so she played it off like she had meant to do it all along.
"'Sup, Falsecall."
"Cunningheart..." Falsecall said with a wry smile, tail lowering. I was hoping for a more enjoyable view of you but this will have to do. I have never been a favourite of Those Above..."
"I thought you would have died by now, honestly," Cunningheart mentioned, feeling like it had to be said.
The massive tom shrugged, "I guess I have never met that obstacle but now I think... I might have met someone who can truly challenge me."
Cunningheart "pff"ted. "Sure. Let's call it that." She paused. "I don't really know why we're talking." She tensed, ready to strike.
"No, talking was never a strong suit for an AbbysClan cat, you know... it required too much thought process!" He lunged at her, claws glinting outstretched.
Cunningheart jerked to the right and reared up onto her strong hind legs, shoving down at Falsecall's face with two pawfuls of reinforced claws.

The cats of CityClan had congregated around them and boy oh boy was atmosphere getting REAL hype.

Meanwhile, Pantherleap looked at the two cats she had uncovered in the muck and sat down. It was Crow and Blackclaw. She'd had more than enough of dead cats. Just more and more people she knew, dead.
There were also birds there. They were a pest.

Having been mid air there would have been no way to dodge, Falsecall landed and turned, his face bleeding from a new wound. He reared forward, aiming a blow at her forepaws, his back legs slid forward bringing him into a more vertical position.
Cunningheart shifted her weight to her powerful hind legs at the blow, and using her back legs she propelled herself at Falsecall.
He met her attack full force, rearing forward and bringing his paws around her head to try and bring her close into a "hug", his yellowed fangs glinted as his jaws parted.
Cunningheart snarled in Falsecall's face and snapped back at him, sinking her claws his shoulder blades, pushing back with the same amount of force as he was.
Their paws slipped in a mad scramble for upper power, he was sure his claws had also caught something. He brought his paw forward to push her head back but they both lost footing as a limp body appeared beneath their struggling paws.
Cunningheart's breath stopped when she felt her back paws catch in something - on the way down she could see the back of some dead cat attached to the infernal tail she'd gotten caught on.
I hope they're rotting somewhere, she hissed internally.
Falsecall came away spitting in frustration, Whitehare circled the commotion, nervous and unsure on whether to help or not. Cunningheart rolled over onto her front and stood up soundlessly.

Meanwhile, the CityClan cats seemed pretty into it. Like, REALLY into it.

"When I said challenge, I meant it. I'm disappointed, Cunningheart." Cunningheart looked at him. "It's like you're not even trying." He faked a lunge at her.
Cunningheart's eyes narrowed and she leaped forward right at him to meet his lunge.
He ducked, a nasty smile marring his features, she didn't quite sail over him rather landed awkwardly on his back. He bucked, similar to a bronc of an untamed horse, trying to give her an awful position to land. He finally spun around with a stretched out paw.
Cunningheart just sort of let herself be shaken off randomly and found her footing on the bodies of the dead nearby.
Falsecall knew either way he would die, though he'd be damned if it was to Cunningheart. He paused waiting for her to attack him, tail flicking thoughtfully.

"It's just... so one sided..." Solarstorm said to no one, with exhaustion in their bones and fear of the unknown mystery of the AbyssClan cats the clan cats were unsure whether to intervene, the CitycCan cats had no one who could oppose the massive tom. Someone who would try and get in the cross hairs could lose a life, they were lunging and swiping at each other as fast as lightening.

Cunningheart had turned to look at Falsecall and was preparing to attack once more, ignoring the ache in her bleeding shoulders and the sting in her forelegs.
A black feather floated at the front of Falsecall's paws.
But hey, a feather. Well, okay then, thought Cunningheart.
It distracted Falsecall momentarily before a massive black bird swooped at him from seemingly nowhere, talons hooking onto his back. Alongside the massive bird was a little robin with little wings of fury. He seemed as angry as a little bird could be.
The raven screeched into Falsecall's ears, flapping and pecking at him. Falsecall reared up batting at anything he could in a panic.
It was enough of a distraction for Cunningheart to get an upper paw. His claws seemed to hit something though because the raven was gone from his sight.
It was now or never.
Cunningheart instantly took the chance and rushed at Falsecall. Teeth ready. Claws ready. Just ready.
Falsecall felt his weight forced from underneath him. He landed on something. He felt then what it was like for his intestines to be parted by an object that just... wasn't supposed to be there. He laughed, but there was no humour and it was dry and painful.
Cunningheart looked down at the fallen Falsecall unamusedly. Protruding from his side was some muddy, bloody sharp branch-looking thing. It was covered in his blood.
"No..." Falsecall smiled, though the expression was ruined with the blood inbetween his teeth.
The she-cat huffed in anger. "I've been cheated!" she groaned to the sky.
"Cunningheart," Falsecall said, glaring at the sky, tell me, tell me... "Why did I lose, the odds... they were in my favour..."
Cunningheart didn't deign to answer the dying cat. He wasn't really a big deal anymore. She "pfft"ed and turned away from him.
"Pahh," Falsecall said, the glint of life fading, "AbyssClan, always acting so hard, you will always create the most strongest warriors, but you will never truly live..." His body went limp.

The CityClan cats were watching closely, hanging on every word Falsecall spoke. This was better than two-leg magic boxes. Those that were watching gasped softly when he went limp. Cunningheart glanced behind her just a bit to see him dead. When she was sure he was dead she turned around again and went up to his body.
Whitehare looked at Cunningheart feeling very guilty for not helping.
Cunningheart all non-chalantly jabbed the dead cat with a paw. When there was no response she looked back at the overhyped CityClan cats and said, "HEY! Carry this dead guy for me."

Carr, wounded by Falsecall, had crashed to the ground, his talons opening and closing reflexively. The little robin Sarok had tweeted in even greater anger and pecked furiously at Falsecall when he saw him hit his friend.
"Master, Master..." Carr crowed painfully.
Sarok the little robin hopped over to his friend's side.
"Carr, speak to me!" he chirped. Little birdy tears were forming in his liquid dark eyes.
Carr's wing stuck out awkwardly, obviously broken. He cocked his head, "Sarooook, Carr's best frieeeend."
"Carr! Carr! Carr!" Sarok tweeted frantically, being still, at heart, an excitable little robin. "Carr, you must stand!" Sarok tweeted, base instinct telling him that being on the ground too long was far too dangerous for either of them.
Carr struggled to his feet, falling a little, crouching and looking around himself with a nervousness he'd never felt before.
Sarok hopped in place a few times, feeling excitement at seeing his best friend standing again.
"The lord will know what to do!" He sang. "You will be whole once more, my friend!" He sang further. His song stopped when the shadow of Cunningheart fell on the both of them. With little fuss, Carr perched atop the massive she-cat's back. Cunningheart then turned and began the trek back to AbyssClan. Sarok began to sing again and hopped after the departing cats, not flying to stay close to his friend.

Suki frowned at Cunningheart disapprovingly. Suki flicked her tail and two cats came forward to help carry the body of Falsecall.
The Abyss and CityClan cats all began to depart, following after the retreating Cunningheart. The cats of CityClan did feel a little strange leaving the dead cats. But only a little, and only a few of them felt that anyway. These cats didn't really know one another. The only thing that had brought them together was the desire combined with the ability to kill Falsecall. Now that that was all over, well...That was pretty much it for them.

Dewdrop watched, put off by the fact that the cats of the City were just leaving after all of that. Were they just leaving their comrades to rot on the ground amongst their enemies? What was with these cats? Meanwhile, Grimclaw had since joined the group with a report to give. Mistjay couldn't really be bothered to join since she and Whiterose were dealing with Shadowspot being very hurt.

Sparrowhawk saw his sister among the departing cats, and he couldn't quite believe his eyes.
"Whitehare!" He called, energy and excitement flowing into his limbs at the site of her. He began to bound after them.
Whitehare's ears swiveled at the sound of her name.
Cunningheart watched Whitehare out of the corner of her eye.
And the DewClan cats realized that yes, this savage AbyssClanner was indeed their long-lost Whitehare. What a day!
Whiehare didn't glance back at him, though he didn't seem to notice, he caught up to her stride.
"Whitehare!? I can't believe it, we lost you, but where are you going?"
Whitehare wasn't sure whether she should speak to him. As a Dewclan cat, she cared not for him but as his sister... her whiskers twitched and she ignored him until he became louder and more annoying. She rounded on him, striking out, catching the tip of his nose,
"Back off will you and get the message."
He paused, recoiling at the blow. "Wha!?"
Whitehare's nose wrinkled and she turned away, tail held high, hoping for all of her being he didn't follow.
He didn't, he sat there as CityClan cats followed dutifully, ignoring him.
Cunningheart listened to the exchange approvingly. The two wouldn't be seeing each other much more after this. But if this brother of hers thought he could make some secret meetings at the border happen, he had a nasty surprise coming.
Whitehare caught back up to Cunningheart, the small she cat had a limp to her stride, though she masked it as best she could. She somehow felt much better now, no loose ends. Her stupid brother was no more than an old memory ready to be lost in the dreamy new life she had to withhold in AbyssClan.

Dewdrop had followed Sparrowhawk a few steps but remained very wary of Whitehare. She had been among the AbyssClanners and now appeared to be one of them. Dewdrop wondered if there was any vein of DewClan left in the warrior - and with Whitehare's dismissal of her littermate, she had her answer.
Dewdrop padded up to the forlorn tom and said, "Come on, Sparrowhawk. There's work to be done."

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Re: CLOSED Their Finest Hour - the final battle.

Post by Ezziestar on Tue Aug 04, 2015 11:15 am

((Wow... Just wow. XD I didn't even see that one coming.))

After looking around for Falsecall and him being found, Ezziestar looked around the mess, of the dead bodies on the ground, to her, she couldn't recognise many, if any. She did see Stone racing towards her, Stormclaw hot on his tail. When Falsecall was finally struck down and confirmed dead, Stone and Stormclaw both stopped.

"No!" Stormclaw almost howled out in sorrow. Falsecall... Are... Are you really? Stormclaw swallowed nervously. He was frozen in place, staring at the one whom he saw as his father figure, his hero and idol.

Ezziestar, still with a limp, made her way towards Stormclaw, Her face expressionless, but cold.
Stormclaw spotted her and snarled, it was clear to him now, one death didn't mean she was dead. He backed up as Stone joined her right flank, glaring at him. Blood from a head wound dealt by Stormclaw made Stone keep his left eye shut as dark crimson had flowed a small stream over it.

Stormclaw spat, "You fools! I'll make sure you'll regret that!"
Stone went to take a step towards Stormclaw, however, Ezziestar stopped him by reaching out with her right forepaw, a silent signal for him to stay put.

She could see a strange look on Stormclaw's face, Is he relieved? That I'm alive? however it was brief, as the moment Stormclaw detected her gaze, his face went back to twisted rage and pain.
"It's over Stormclaw." Ezziestar's voice was cold, but firm.
Stormclaw sheathed and unsheathed his claws slightly, as if unsure.
"I said, It's over... Stormclaw, you lost. You're outnumbered, there's nothing you can do."

Stormclaw looked around, his face quickly losing the expression of anger, it faded to look more like fear as he saw platoon after platoon on the ground, dead, with birds around.

He turned and took off, Stone looked at Ezziestar, curious he asked, "You just let him go?"
Ezziestar sighed, "He'll have to live the rest of his life on the run. I doubt he'd survive on his own out there." She smiled, "I saw new wounds after my battle with him, you fought well."

She turned to look around, Is it really over? What were all these deaths for? Stone purred from the praise he received.
"Now's not time to celebrate." Ezziestar meowed grimy. She made her way back towards the clan cats, keen to see who in her clan survived.

((Thanks guys for letting me post my input. This was fun. Smile Of coarse Ezziestar thinks Stormclaw will die, but he wont. Razz))

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Re: CLOSED Their Finest Hour - the final battle.

Post by Loki on Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:30 am

"No it is no time to celebrate," hissed Solarstorm, his amber eyes were cold on Ezziestar, angry that his leader would let the one who murdered Lokistar. He looked over to Leopardstorm who was licking a serious wound on her shoulder.

"We have no Medicine cat, if anything were to happen to the kits..." He paused, something hard and lumpy blocked his airways.
"Leopardstorm! Honeyfang! You need to go and check the kits! NOW!"
Honeyfang and Leopardstorm both shared a horrified glance and charged off.

All they brought back was morbid news of the loss of both queens and kits. Solarstorm felt more of his world crumble and he collapsed backward into a sitting position.

What has Tawneyclan left?

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Re: CLOSED Their Finest Hour - the final battle.

Post by Longstorm on Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:47 am

Dewdrop, who was nearby, overheard Solarstorm. She reached the same realization as he had and had taken off at a sprint after Honeyfang and Leopardstorm. At her sudden departure, some of her own cats were hot on her heels, leaving the others behind as Grimclaw shouted a, "Stay here!" to them.
They weren't gone long.
Grimclaw was the first of that group to emerge from the Moonfall. His expression was blank. He took a few steps and sat down. Not long after the others came out, and last was Dewdrop.
Her heart was a sharp heavy stone in her chest. For all of her will, and though she had seen the sight within the depths of the Moonfall herself, she could scarce believe it.

But she did.

And it was terrible.

Dewdrop passed on the news of the deaths within the Moonfall to DewClan not a minute after the cats of TawnyClan had done the same. The faces of the Clan fell.
Now they were fewer, Dewdrop thought bleakly. And somewhere inside of her a voice whispered that it was all her fault.
Dewdrop's eyes narrowed. She would have to come to terms with this - but not today. And not right now. There would be a time for it. And it was not here.

Dewdrop exhaled sharply through her nose and called the stragglers of the Clan to her side. They had each other. That could be enough - it would have to be.

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Re: CLOSED Their Finest Hour - the final battle.

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