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Enter Snow

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Enter Snow

Post by Ezziestar on Wed Dec 03, 2014 7:15 pm

On the border of Tawnyclan territory, hidden in an abandoned badger's den, a small black and white she-cat is hiding, keeping her attention to the dreary weather beyond her entrance.
Her prey was running scarcer as the days went by, after the forest was burned down, plus the wet weather, it made hunting difficult. Her blue eyes flicked back and forth, there didn't seem to be a patrol recently, which caused a feeling of curiousness within her. She crouched down, not letting up with her steady gaze. Would the strange cats come by again? Did they choose to leave the territory alone? Snow scented the air, as the smell of badger was still lingering in the air of the den, it was stale, but still there.

Every day the smell fades, how soon before the scent disappears completely and my scent is all that can be detected? She turned her attention to the depths of the den, I know I'll have to relocate soon... She returned her attention back to the burned forest, But when will those cats come back?

She continued to watch on with slight enthusiasm, she always found them entertaining to a point. However she was never sure if they were friendly.

((Maybe some Mudblood patrol cats could come by if they aren't all busy for the major battle?))

I'm Ezziesong, the cat that will risk my life for love.

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I am new but I LOOOOOVE the Warriors series. (I read the first book in 3 days!)

I have Ezziestar (Tawny clan leader)
Stormclaw (Ex. Tawny clan warrior now in mudbloodclan)
Mistpaw (Dew clan medicine cat apprentice) (I adopted her out)
Stonepaw (Ex. Loner, Tawnyclan Apprentice)
Brambleleaf (Dewclan queen)
Eaglekit (Dewclan kit)
Dreamkit (Dewclan kit)
Nightkit (Dewclan kit)
Smoke (Wolf pup of GH's pack)
Berri (Wolf pup of GH's pack) *I adopted him*

Ezziesong drawn by Loki. THANKYOU LOKI!

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