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BREAKING NEWS: hundreds of cats misteriously found dead at Hawk fire nature reserve

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BREAKING NEWS: hundreds of cats misteriously found dead at Hawk fire nature reserve

Post by Loki on Tue Aug 04, 2015 12:23 pm

Picking their way up the hill of what the cat's of these lands called (ironically too), "bloodstones", the news reporter looked around himself, shocked. He looked to the camera that was pointed at his face, a friend nearby giving him the thumbs up: we're live.

"Here I stand at the Hawk fire nature reserve, in the centre of an absolute, mindboggling scene."
The cameras panned out, the two-leg manning them chewing his tongue in concentration.
"Hundreds of cats have been found dead at the old abandoned mining facility. Experts are stumped to what could have happened here.

The cats were found by local rangers who were tracking an old wolf, they found the wolf but what they found next had them reeling. This is Mike hurst , one of the rangers who made the discovery. Mike... What was you thinking when you saw this?"
The reporter waved his arm, Mike looked up at the beautiful blue sky, for the words to use. "Uhhh, what the f-on earth happened here.We were tracking a wolf that had come down into the reserve, we actually found its body down there, at first I thought it had tried scavenging but it became clear it died from wounds inflicted by cats. We have two distinct cat breeds in the reserve, one of the mountains and one that used to be seen in the forest of ____ until it had caught fire, we feared they'd all died but we found bodies from that breed in this mass, its almost like a war of the felines happened here but its just not typical of cat behaviour."

"Thank you Mike, yes its very interesting circumstance that happened here, it seems that there was nothing alive though we have found injured birds that have been taken to the conservation facility to receive treatment. There are clean up crews now working long hours to clean up this site. We will be keeping you posted as more information comes in. This is Ken Corp, from the Hawk fire nature reserve."

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