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Questers hit home

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Questers hit home

Post by Loki on Thu Aug 13, 2015 2:41 am

Between the Tawneyclan and Abyssclan borders was a river that bottlenecked into a forest that carried a stench of two legs and their dogs. This is where the questers were currently taking refuge. Despite the odd nosy dog, they were left undisturbed. They had been resting there for a while now but it was now time to go home.

Sinewpaw, had grown well over the period that they had all been gone (though the constant movement and lack of hunting had left a lot of the cats scrawny and without a shiny coat). The black tom turned to the new Moon clan leader, Sunclaw.
"Come to Tawneyclan until you familiarize yourself with these lands, my mother will be more than understanding." His ears were flattened by the rain.

He understood that his forest home had experienced the lick of fire but had yet to know the full extent of horror the tawny clan lands had seen.

Joy was waiting with the City clan and Abyss clan questers. She just wanted the homeward bound as did many of the others.

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Re: Questers hit home

Post by Longstorm on Thu Aug 13, 2015 3:13 am

The Questers of DewClan and DarkClan had already begun the walk home. With Blackfire had gone Icepaw. When they had started this journey Gingerleaf, Mistlight, and Bluepaw had traveled with them. They were lost now.
Of DewClan, only Snowfeather was left. Before she had traveled alongside Hollypaw and Brambleleaf and her three kits. Now gone. Where, she was uncertain.
Standing with Sinewpaw of TawnyClan was Mosspaw. Before they had traveled alongside Garnetheart and Pigeonwing, and their four kits. All lost to them now.
Of the wretched AbyssClan there stood Joy, and Joy alone. Cold had abandoned them the day before. And with Cold, Joy had once traveled with Scorchpoint and Dark. Who could say where they had gone?
And finally, there was Jazz of the City. He had once stood with Jace, who had gone home, and Commons and Tala the Elder. Lost to them.

It was a rather sad final count. But that could be reflected upon later.

Sunclaw of MoonClan looked at the apprentice of TawnyClan and thought of it. She was still somewhat seething over the complete and utter incompetence of the Clan cats before her, but the offer made sense somewhere in her head.
"A moment," she said. She convened with her warriors once more.

It was a bit of a wait, but Sunclaw returned to him.
"Show us the way," she said with considerably less venom in her voice.

Here, where she stood, she was the image of a quiet, if not tired, leader, with the weight of the wellbeing of her Clanmates resting upon her small shoulders. Even so, the strength of character within her was evident.

MoonClan would follow Sinewpaw to his home, to meet his mother, the fabled Lokistar and learn the lay of the land. And then, well. Then they would make their decisions for the future of their Clan.

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