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CLOSED Final Departure

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CLOSED Final Departure

Post by Longstorm on Thu Aug 13, 2015 11:33 pm

OOC: obligatory leaving post is obligatory.

IC: Blueblossom, warrior of DarkClan, was finished with the Ice-Shell Willow. After having more than her fill of this icy tomb, this necropolis. Only the dead would reside here now, with her and all the other warm bodies leaving.
Blueblossom had explained that she would be leaving that day to all of the others, and that she expected them to follow her. Of course, Skylight's kits were behind her in a second. The TawnyClan kits followed a bit slower, tired from grieving and tired of the cold and ice, but their desire to go home outweighed any and all desire to rest.
Last was Hollypaw. She was still at odds with the DarkClan warrior. Hollypaw felt she might be glad to be rid of the white she-cat once and for all.

"The journey's somewhat difficult, but I know the easiest path out of this valley. We'll be in warmer territory by tomorrow."
All of the kits nodded in acknowledgement. Hollypaw just grimaced.
Blueblossom looked over each and every one of them. "Stay close and everyone should make it out fine..." She looked beyond the kits - well, the young cats - and to the camp behind them. Memories flashed through the front of her mind - having her kits in this place, seeing them grow up, falling deeply in love with someone, planning against Thornstar...And all of the cats that had died. All of them.
She sighed shortly. Yes. She was glad to put this awful place behind her. She was more than done with it.

Blueblossom focused back on the living before her. "Let's move out," she barked. Everyone stood at attention. The DarkClan warrior turned and exited through the bark-laden barrier in the ice into the icy, gusty wind beyond. The wind was invigorating, she felt as she inhaled deeply. She was ready for home. She was ready to face her past, her brother, her former mate, and all of her children. She was ready to re-claim her place as one of the greatest warriors of DarkClan. Nothing would stand in her way.

Hollypaw felt very uncertain about her future. She knew that Blueblossom would send her back to her Clan - but what had even become of her Clan? Last she saw it, there had been some things going on with the MudbloodClan, but beyond that she could not say. It had been so long...All of this, only to go back to the path of becoming a warrior? Sure, she still wanted to become a warrior, no doubt, but it seemed so less important than the quest she had been given...Oh, everything was so confused now. She continued to fret in her mind even as she follow Blueblossom out into the bitter, biting cold.

The kits of TawnyClan were pretty done with the whole thing. They just wanted to be home and resume their lives as cats of TawnyClan, and that was that. Though some felt that perhaps DarkClan would not hold a dear place in their hearts...

The kits of DarkClan were both scared and thrilled to be heading to the fabled DarkClan camp. This would be it! This would be their great chance to become great warriors like their parents and their parents' friends. This was it.

All of the cats, with all of the thoughts and feelings in their hearts, bounded off into the frost and ice, past frozen trees and towering pines, down, down, down, into the icy valley, all headed towards home.


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