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CLOSED And so, we have returned from our exile. ONESHOT

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CLOSED And so, we have returned from our exile. ONESHOT

Post by Longstorm on Thu Aug 13, 2015 11:52 pm

OOC: Following from here:

IC: As soon as the air had begun to feel warmer and the ice had faded from the landscape, Blueblossom felt in her heart that her paws were on the right path to home.
And she was, truly. She and Hollypaw of DewClan, kits of DarkClan and the kits of TawnyClan had been in DarkClan territory for quite some time at this point. Days, even merging into weeks. The journey had not been an easy one. There had been doubt and heartache and arguments along the way, but they made it into the sparse territory of DarkClan at long last.

The day of their arrival coincided with Redstar choosing to take all of DarkClan out of their camp and head towards the Bloodstones (though he inevitably changed his mind).  So they were only a few days behind the rest of DarkClan, though they did not know this.

Blueblossom lead the group through the hunting grounds, treading old pathways with ease, and with an air of relaxation that none of them had ever seen on her before.
"Last I know of anything," she had explained, "Was only of what was happening in my own Clan. But now with these Mudbloods making an appearance I do wonder what has been happening with the other Clans. We'll have our answers as soon as we find DarkClan."
Yes, DarkClan. The absent DarkClan. The DarkClan that was not in their camp, that DarkClan. Blueblossom was displeased with the development, but she didn't let it deter her from her goal even though the cats with her voiced concern.
"They won't be much farther," she told them. She doubted that they could be anywhere farther than the Bloodstones, so it wasn't too much ground to have to search.

It only took a couple of days to find them in their little camps further down the territory...

OOC: This will be continued in a post w/ Redstar and everyone else.

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