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Beginning Again - 16th Newsletter

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Beginning Again - 16th Newsletter

Post by Longstorm on Thu Oct 01, 2015 2:57 pm

Hello everyone! This is a newsletter to make sure everyone is up-to-date with recent roleplay events here on the website, as we are getting back into the swing of roleplaying! cheers


When we last left our characters, the Clan cats were facing off with MudbloodClan - and MudbloodClan lost! However, it was not our forest Clans that did the winning. Instead it was AbyssClan and CityClan that claim that honor, having finally stepped in to clean up a mess that was really their fault in the first place. Many cats died, but those who survived went home. Those left dead were retrieved by the two-legs who watch over the reserve.

After two moons, we are now in the last moon of Green-leaf. In a few weeks the leaves turning red and orange will become more apparent and the temperature will drop. Some Clans will take it better than others. Some territories have changed, and Clan member count is at an all-time low for some Clans. But life goes on.


Before the battle, Ezziestar received her nine lives as the new Clan leader of TawnyClan. She later named Swiftwind as her deputy. Following the battle she took the remains of her Clan home, along with Pantherleap, the medicine cat of the former Clan, SearClan, as well as Stone and Oak.
Back at their home territory, their old camp had been destroyed by the fire, and they have since moved into a new camp.
Living at their new camp for the past two moons has been MoonClan, the lost Clan returned to the territory by the Questers. They have been living with TawnyClan to get a feeling for this strange new land, and will probably leave them soon. Which is just as well, since it will take time for the flora and fauna to return, and having 15 less cats will benefit TawnyClan.


After the battle, Dewdrop of DewClan received her nine lives to become DewClan's new leader, as Dewstar. She later named Birdhop as deputy.
Since DewClans's territory remained untouched by the fires of the previous moon, DewClan continued to thrive as the season turned to Green-leaf.


DarkClan never came to fight in the battle against the Mudbloods, and henceforth neither TawnyClan nor DewClan trust them anymore.
DarkClan has been made aware of their new reputation, but Redstar and his Clan ignore all accusations. The Clan has been thriving during Green-Leaf with their territory being nearly untouched by the fires, and since they suffered no losses at the battle of MudbloodClan, remain the strongest Clan besides AbyssClan.


MoonClan is still wary of other Clan cats and is looking forward to having their own territory. In truth their leader has her eye set on AbyssClan territory, MoonClan's old territory.

The Questers

The Questers finally returned to their homes right as the battle of MudblooClan ended. All of the home Clans were eager to hear their stories, and now every Clan has heard some form of the events that occurred during their moon of absence.


The Clans have not been hosting official Gatherings for the past two moons. This is likely because the Bloodstones are somewhat of a bad memory at the moment.

Our own attendance is at an all-time low, but with more activity we will likely be seeing new members in the future.

The site will still be receiving cosmetic updates as we go on. Aside from that - let's play.

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Re: Beginning Again - 16th Newsletter

Post by Ezziestar on Sun Oct 04, 2015 1:46 pm

Awesome! I love the new banner! Very Happy Who did that lovely piece of artwork? It looks AMAZING!

On topic now, I can't wait to see this site thrive again. (And can't wait for Nightkit's power to be revealed to Dewclan when it is noticed. Razz) See you all through the screen. Very Happy

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