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Thinking About Traps

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Thinking About Traps

Post by Longstorm on Sat Oct 17, 2015 12:15 am

It's said there are few big traps dotted along one area of DarkClan's territory, but since I am a detail-driven individual who nearly doomed all of the Clans because I wouldn't allow AbyssClan and CityClan to intervene unless there was a story-driven reason for them to do it, *INHALES* I'm starting to question how long it took DarkClan to set up even one of these traps before the Mudbloods attacked the Blood Stones.

As we all know, DarkClan chose to stay home, blah blah blah, and then traps. This all happened in about two days. Maybe three. Not enough time for a bunch of cats to design, plan, and build maaaaaaybe two traps?

So I just figure DarkClan must have continued to build these traps even after the Battle of Mudblood, since hey, who would have gone to tell them that the Mudbloods had been defeated and they didn't need to make preparations anymore? I don't think anyone did, haha! XD

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