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What is Our Objective?

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What is Our Objective?

Post by Longstorm on Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:22 am

Hello everyone! Here is our 17th Newsletter. Thanks for being here! I will cut to the chase. ;D



Plain and simple. Our current RPing goal right now, in game, is roleplaying an in-game month, all the way up to the next Gathering.

This will be interesting because the Clans haven't had a Gathering in two moons. Too many bad memories, too much is different...
What will happen throughout this moon? Will new discoveries be made? Or perhaps friends will become enemies - or enemies will become allies? Will new sinister plots be uncovered, shaking the very lives of the cats who discover it - or will we train hard, become better warriors, interact with our Clanmates and maintain strong bonds, thereby strengthening the bond of your entire Clan?

All these questions and more may be answered. That depends upon you, and what you want for your characters.

No one has to meticulously RP a FULL day, after day, after day, after day. But these days do happen, and every day counts. So what if your cat is seen perhaps once in that in-game day? They were there, weren't they?

This will not be a month filled with separate Clans interacting with one another. This is the month of our Clan cats interacting with their Clanmates, whatever that means for you!

SO...The path is ahead of us. What we do here will be what is talked about at our next Gathering.

Let's keep playing! Be sure to reference our
16th Newsletter for a quick reference guide for the events of the past two moons!

Thanks for reading! I love you

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