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Tawnyclan - Who They Are

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Tawnyclan - Who They Are

Post by Longstorm on Sat Dec 11, 2010 2:02 am

Characteristics and bloodlines:

Tawnyclan cats come in the same Topic. They are brave, loyal and have a sense of sarcasm and humor.
The leader is normally picked but only if they are intelligent and quick thinking. When a Tawnyclan cat has a grudge
it is normally made up in a dramatic turn of events. They are not shy and have open opinions. Tawnyclan mainly descended
from the two old clans: Windclan and Thunderclan.


Their territory is a large oak,willow and pine forest covered in lush, emerald grass. from the Northeast region from the forest ending at the mountains. To the south east location of Blood stone (gathering place) It would then stretch out in a 'dogs leg' across from north to northwest and then halt at The Abbyclan Territory where it would streak between their forest line and the undergrowth (bush) of our territory. and then would steer back towards the Tawnyclan's forest.


Fresh kill is normally plentiful in the vast areas of the forest. They hunt mice but normally turn a cold shoulder if the clan are already well fed and there are better varieties, though Squirrels are more of a practice for the more 'advanced' apprentices, Some warriors will catch an opportunity. Wood pigeons normally take too long to get and can end in a bad fall, though congratulations is given to a cat good enough to catch one. Owls are not rare in these woods though the Tawny owls can be vicious and deadly, To catch an owl is a great prize and an Apprentice after catching one, would soon get their warrior ceremony...


Their camp is in a small Clearing in the middle of a vast forest.It occupies a large ring of bramble and bush. The main camp is situated in the middle, The medicine cat den is in an old, fallen, hollow Pine; Herbs are kept in its ridges. The leaders den is actually inside a weathered- big enough to hold five cats (the nest is made like a birds nest covered and smoothed with clay and filled with sand for a cozy nap. The Apprentice and Warrior den are opposite the Leaders den seven fox lengths away- These are both layered with feathers from owls and wood pigeons. The Elders den is also layered with moss, bark and feathers - Their den is layered in the thicker bush.

Med-Cat Stuff:

The Medicine cats find most herbs outside their den as apprentices are given jobs to use water from the stream, which runs through the camp, to water herbs so stock piles are high. Another job is collecting spiders to put in between rock cravesis to make cobwebs, Kits are then told to catch flies in the camp (Flies are normally found around the stream or if a warrior finds rotting prey it is set as bate), Apprentices as a punishment are also sent to find deer droppings as a 'fertilizer' to help plants grow. certain herbs like Catmint are high maintenance, though Medicine cats make a daring dash across Abbysclan territory to get bulbs/seeds if a harsh winter has killed the last years plant.


The dens are covered with owl feathers to keep the Tawnyclan cats warm. All the nests in the dens are found close together because Tawnyclan cats have a close nit bond with each other and Leaf bare in the forest is not as bad but because of the clearing tree protection is minimum and cold- sometimes sleepless nights are to be expected...
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