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A new picture

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A new picture

Post by Ezziestar on Tue Sep 06, 2016 4:55 pm

Hi guys... so I just recently decided to open up an ask blog on tumblr for some of my role play characters, namely, Ezziestar, Stormclaw, Stone and Snow. I was so happy with the picture I drew and wanted to share it with you guys, alongside the news. Smile

Spreading the love!

(Since the image was being cropped I kinda had to go with this solution, so to see the image in a better size, you might have to click it to do so.)

The ask blog is located here:

Have fun fellow kitties. :3

(Also if I'm not allowed to post the tumblr link. I apologise but I couldn't find any section in particular where it was appropriate. If this is wrong, please let me know so I can change this post, either so it's where it belongs or so the only thing on here is the picture.

anyways, thank you. have a nice day. Smile )

I'm Ezziesong, the cat that will risk my life for love.

Check out my dragons @
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I am new but I LOOOOOVE the Warriors series. (I read the first book in 3 days!)

I have Ezziestar (Tawny clan leader)
Stormclaw (Ex. Tawny clan warrior now in mudbloodclan)
Mistpaw (Dew clan medicine cat apprentice) (I adopted her out)
Stonepaw (Ex. Loner, Tawnyclan Apprentice)
Brambleleaf (Dewclan queen)
Eaglekit (Dewclan kit)
Dreamkit (Dewclan kit)
Nightkit (Dewclan kit)
Smoke (Wolf pup of GH's pack)
Berri (Wolf pup of GH's pack) *I adopted him*

Ezziesong drawn by Loki. THANKYOU LOKI!

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