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19th Newsletter

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19th Newsletter

Post by Longstorm on Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:35 pm

Hey you two. I really just wanted to have a new Newsletter up just because the dates on the previous ones keep staring me in the face. O_O

What's New!

We have a proper Character Application Form! The link hasn't been set up yet, but the Application is just about ready to roll! All that's left is to add a few images and we're golden! Very Happy

Take a look!

Click Here!

What Else Is New!

We're creating Character Sheets and we have dice rolls to go with them! As soon as the Character Sheets are on their way, the Clan Stat Sheets will be able to be created since the Clan members will have stats to contribute to them! Very exciting. Tho this newsletter is me procrastinating a little tbh.

Oh also, the old topics in the Character Creation main have been moved over to Limbo, they haven't been deleted. I just got them out of the way is all. Most of that info can be moved into the Character Application. So that's cool.


Feel free to reference Newsletter 17 and 16 for more information on where the story is right now!

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