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Abyssclan Camp Description

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Abyssclan Camp Description

Post by Longstorm on Sat Dec 11, 2010 10:47 pm

Overall view:

Abyssclan camp is on the side of a large hill, shaded by tall, drooping willow that rain drops roll right down into the camp. The camp floods on occasion. The shape of the camp is a lumpy 'L', the Servant's Den and Nursery forming the 'L' at the front of the camp.

Leader's Den

Location: Shadowstar's den is the highest one in the camp meaning that it's the furthest back. He's able to look down on all of his Subjects from there.
Occupant(s): Shadowstar
Interior: The inside of the den is sandy and cool, the walls made of stone and the entrance covered by moss and lichen, there's a soft bed of feathers and ferns. Wind and rain rarely gets in.
Exterior: A den dug into sand and stone, the entire top of the den and around it is covered in brambles. The entrance is protected by brambles as well, only a small hole that only Shadowstar and Hopeless can fit through unless Shadowstar adjusts it from the inside.

Protector's Den

Location: Woebringer's den is to the right of Shadowstar's den.
Occupant(s): Woebringer
Interior: Dry dirt floor, stone walls and ceiling, a soft bed of leaves and ferns. The entrance is covered with branches and moss. Wind and rain rarely get in.
Exterior: A den dug into a fallen tree and sand, the branches are snapped to be sharp on the outside to discourage uninvited visitors.

Warrior's Den

Location: The warrior's den is too the very far right of the Protector's den.
Occupant(s): Warriors of Abyssclan.
Interior: Dry stone floor that's covered in moss, nests are made of leaves and ferns. Walls and ceiling are stone, the entrance is covered with bark and branches. Rain and wind rarely get in.
Exterior: A den dug under the same fallen tree as the Protector's den, the branches are snapped to be sharp to discourage any uninvited visitor.

Powerful's Den

Location: The Powerful's den is to the immediate left of Shadowstar's den, dug underground.
Occupant(s): Soulvoider, Despairingcall, Searingeyes.
Interior: Down the tunnel, it's sandy and dry on the inside. The three tom's have three separate dens, each branching off into some maze that leads all the way up to the top of the hill. The entrance is covered with thick bark and woven with reeds. Rain rolls right off of it and never gets in.
Exterior: All you see is a circle of bark and woven reeds on the ground.

Choosing's Den

Location: The Choosing's Den is on the other side of the camp, right across from the Warrior's Den.
Occupant(s): The apprentices of Abyssclan.
Interior: The den has a dry stone floor that is covered with moss. There are nests made of woven reeds and ferns. The entrance is covered with leafy growing branches and a large bush. Wind and rain get in when they haven't checked the branches.
Exterior: All you see is a large bush. You'd never guess there's a den there.

Mender's Den

Location: Down to the left of the Choosing's Den.
Occupant(s): Bloodclaw
Interior: Dry dirt floor, walls and ceiling made of earth. Nest of ferns and leaves, the entrance is covered with ferns and woven reeds. Wind and rain get in when the reeds haven't been checked. There is a small tunnel where the apprentice's den is, and there's an extra den where a patient would rest. There's a supply of herbs near Bloodclaw's nest.
Exterior: The Mender's Den is dug into a small mound, all you see is a natural-looking curtail of ferns.

Servant's Den

Location: At the bottom of the camp, to an angle of the Mender's Den, facing the sloping hill.
Occupant(s): Servants of Abyssclan
Interior: Bare stone floor, nests made of branches and dead leaves. There is a dip in the stone near the front of the cave that usually keeps it from flooding. The entrance of the den is barely covered with woven reeds. Wind and sprays of rain get in normally.
Exterior: Small noticeable cave, it looks out of place in the camp.


Location: Next to the left of the Servant's den, the difference is that is faces at an angle, across the slope.
Occupant(s): Kits of Abyssclan/Stolen kits
Interior: Dry sandy floor, nests made of ferns, moss, and feathers. The walls are made of earth while the ceiling is made of stone. The entrance is covered by a large bush. Wind and rain rarely get in.
Exterior: All you see is a big bush, and here the occasional mew of a kit.
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Re: Abyssclan Camp Description

Post by Meany on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:11 am

You need:

Cunningheart's Den


The Prey Storage
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