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Post by Loki on Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:31 pm

"My Lord?"
Falsecall turned around and glared at the Redclan front fighter.
"What?" Came the sharp voice.
"My Lord there... there was a Landslide three died,We want to know
if you are coming to sit vigil?" Falsecall laughed coldly his uproarechoing down the cave.
"Rise Wood.I will not make it, I will be travelling to the profits..."
"Lord if I may?"
Falsecall looked at the black tom, he nodded.
"What is the use of these 'profits'?"
False call smiled, "one day, if that day comes, we shall battle, When we do, We shall win,Because we can,and on that day if it works you'll be understanding and seeing death,good death, and you will laugh,as will you all,To see it work,If it does." he padded off.

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